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Rescued December 4, 2018

 Available for Adoption 

Rescued March 2, 2020







Rescued October 2, 2018

Due to health and/or age, these sweethearts are in our Hospice Program. They are members of a special, loving family of their very own, while The Cavalier Rescue continues to provide for their care. You can donate specifically to Violet's Fund to provide care for our  Hospice Angels here:
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Dapper Dan

Rescued May 10,2021

We are Cavalier Rescue of Alabama d/b/a The Cavalier Rescue,  a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization headquartered in Alabama with teams across the USA.  We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, reuniting, and re-homing of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as well as education focused on Cavalier health, reputable breeders and puppy mill awareness.



This means that we have identified a prospective family for these
dogs and are working through the adoption process with them.

Birmingham, Alabama

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Rescued July 15, 2021

Violet Fund Merchandise! By purchasing  beautiful Violet Fund merchandise, you will be supporting Violet Fund which supports our special Hospice Program ✨ currently β€œhome” to 6 of our Cavaliers- Annalise, Elio, Buddy, Vinny, Harry, and Dan.
Shanna Masters Designs generously donated her beautiful art work 🎨 to this special cause. This beautiful logo can be found on apparelπŸ‘š, totes πŸ‘œ, and mugs β˜•οΈ . Both international and domestic shipping is available.

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Shanna Masters Designs
Big congratulations to handsome Dalnim (tri) and his furever family on their adoption πŸ’œ Back in April, Dalnim made the long trek ✈️ to the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ from South Korea in search of more opportunities and a better shot at getting his happy furever. While so many looked past him in South Korea, it was love at first sight when he touched down in California πŸ₯° From foster turned furever, you can unpack your bags, Dalnim, πŸ’Ό because you are already home πŸ‘πŸ’•



Rescued September 30, 2020

Birmingham, Alabama

These DOGS are NOT YET available for adoption. They are still rehabilitating.
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Congratulations to adorable Archie and his furever family on their adoption πŸ’œ Look out for Archie exploring his new territory in Mobile, Alabama 🏑 with his new brother 🐾 Happy furever, buddy!




Big congratulations to handsome Tanner and his furever family on their adoption today πŸ’œ We’ve added a new pin πŸ“Œ on our Adoption Map as Tanner now calls Wichita home 🏑- our first placement in Kansas! The rest of his family, including his new furry siblings 🐾 are eagerly awaiting his arrival and ready to show him the ropes! Happy furever, darling boy! πŸ’•  





Birmingham, Alabama

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Huntsville, Alabama



Harvest, Alabama

  Pending Adoption


Mick & Roo



Harvest, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

Coming Soon...




Almost gone!







Atanta, Georgia


Chesterfield, Missouri

Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama







Canton, Georgia

 Hospice Angels

I applied to adopt... what next? 

1. Watch our pages!   

2.   WHEN a dog is in the "AVAILABLE for ADOPTION" section, click their photo  to read their adoption  requirements.  

3. If you MEET ALL OF THEIR REQUIREMENTS, AND they seem to be a GREAT MATCH FOR YOUR  FAMILY, reach out via email to express your interest. If you do not meet ALL of the stated requirments, you are not a match and will not be considered. We do not compromise on the stated requirements.

Your appropriately-timed email, will trigger a review of your application for that particular dog. Emailing us with interest about a dog who is not "Available for Adoption" results in no action, does not put you on any "list", and will not flag your app for review.