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Rescued May 10,2021



This means that we have identified a prospective family for these
dogs and are working through the adoption process with them.

Birmingham, Alabama



Rescued July 15, 2021

Violet Fund Merchandise! By purchasing  beautiful Violet Fund merchandise, you will be supporting Violet Fund which supports our special Hospice Program ✨ currently β€œhome” to 6 of our Cavaliers- Annalise, Elio, Buddy, Vinny, Harry, and Dan.
Shanna Masters Designs generously donated her beautiful art work 🎨 to this special cause. This beautiful logo can be found on apparelπŸ‘š, totes πŸ‘œ, and mugs β˜•οΈ . Both international and domestic shipping is available.

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Shanna Masters Designs

Rescued September 30, 2020





We are Cavalier Rescue of Alabama d/b/a The Cavalier Rescue,  a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization headquartered in Alabama with teams across the USA.  We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, reuniting, and re-homing of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as well as education focused on Cavalier health, reputable breedering, and puppy mill awareness.

These DOGS are NOT YET available for adoption. They are still rehabilitating.
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Lantana, Texas

Due to health and/or age, these sweethearts are in our Hospice Program. They are members of a special, loving family of their very own, while The Cavalier Rescue continues to provide for their care. You can donate specifically to Violet's Fund to provide care for our  Hospice Angels here:

Rescued October 2, 2018

  Pending Adoption







Harvest, Alabama

BIG congratulations to sweet and sassy little Chapel and her furever family on their adoption πŸ’• Chapel is headed home to Columbia, Tennessee to join the spaniel squad 🐢 We can’t wait to bring you pupdates from her furever home πŸ’œ




Birmingham, Alabama

St. Simon's Island, Georgia





Atlanta, Georgia

Birmingham, Alabama



Marietta, Georgia

1️⃣ Mail in a self-addressed stamped envelope to The Cavalier Rescue βœ‰οΈ
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We will repost your submissions and on April 30, 2023 a lucky participant will be randomly selected to receive a TCR swag bag! 🐢🐾
βœ”οΈ Self addressed stamped envelopes should be mailed to ‡️
The Cavalier Rescue
5330 Technology Lane
Birmingham, AL 35217
 Hospice Angels

Birmingham, Alabama

Rescued April 17, 2022



Canton, Georgia




Sweetie & Murphy

Montgomery, Alabama

BIG congratulations to precious Angus and his furever family on their adoption today πŸ’œ His family traveled all the way from Canada to Alabama to make him theirs βœˆοΈπŸ’• His first, of many, adventures is underway as he heads home to beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ We can’t wait to see photos from his trip and all his adventures to come 🐾 Happy furever, sweet boy!



Let the puppy adoptions continue πŸŽ‰ BIG congratulations to darling little Moxie and her furever family on their adoption! Her new big brother recently lost his Cavalier companion and so these two are going to be besties πŸ’• Moxie isn’t going far - her new stomping grounds are in Chelsea, Alabama 🐾 and I’m sure we will be seeing this girl as she grows up 🌱 Happy furever! πŸ’œ





Cora & Nora

What’s better than 1 cavalier puppy? 2! πŸŽ‰ BIG congratulations to Cora & Nora and their furever family on their adoption πŸ’• These two have been gal pals πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ from the start, so when the opportunity presented itself to place them as pair, we knew it was pawfect 🐾 They’ll be splitting their time between Atlanta, Georgia 🏑 and Tuckasegee, North Carolina 🏑 Happy furever, sweet girls πŸ’œ


Canton, Georgia





  Just Adopted





Her pups are all home and now she is too 🏑 Big congratulations to sweet Sicily and her furever family on their adoption πŸ’œ Sicily recently moved into a foster home for her spay surgery and so she could recover away from the pups, and the family decided to make her a permanent member πŸ’• She was able to care for her final litter with all the love and support she needed and now she gets to be a spoiled baby!






BIG congratulations to sweet and shy Tobias (right) and his furever family on their adoption πŸ’œ Retirement in St. Simons Island 🏝️ with a loving family πŸ’• and twin teddy bear 🧸 brother 🐾 is just what this darling boy deserves.


Congratulations to sweet Nellie and her furever family in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on their adoption πŸ’œ A true β€˜puppy mill to princess’ πŸ‘‘ story! Happy furever after πŸ’•







BIG adoption week! Congratulations to sweet and shy Presley and her furever family on their adoption today πŸ’œ They are committed to giving her all the patience, time, and gentle love she needs to continue to bloom 🌸 as she adjusts to life outside the mill. She’ll call Athens, Georgia 🏑 with her cavalier sister 🐾 Happy furever! πŸ’•


BIG congratulations to special little Ferdinand and his furever family on their adoption πŸ’• Ferdy has 2 big bros to show him the ropes of his new furever home in Covington, Louisiana 🏑 His 2 year old ruby brother is not just a #rescuealum himself but he was actually born in the same puppy mill as Ferdinand was. It’s a happy furever for both of these darling boys πŸ’œ






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BIG congratulations to little Holstein and his furever family on their adoption πŸŽ‰ Holstein’s new mom and dad are in veterinary medicine and so we know he’s going to get the best of care πŸ’• He’ll call Birmingham, Alabama home 🏑 with his tricolor big bro 🐾 Happy furever, dear Holstein πŸ’œ