In May 2016, Abby, a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was surrendered to The Cavalier Rescue. It was clear that Abby's owners had not been able to properly care for her for quite some time as she arrived in very, very poor condition.

Abby weighed in at 50 pounds! 

At least 30 pounds overweight, this was rock bottom for Abby but she embraced this journey which was full of a lot of love and much celebration. We worked  along side Animal Rehabilitation/Physical Therapist, Dr. Cindy Grant, who was able to get Abby safely moving and exercising with hydrotherapy and other wonderful services. Once Abby COULD move, she LOVED  it! Under strict supervision, Abby began her rehabilitation on the underwater treadmill. As her strength improved, she slowly transitioned to short walks, then swimming in a warm pool. Over time, the walks grew longer and more frequent, and her swimming distance  increased as well. Abby was losing weight and getting strong!!!

Abby will not be known for being overweight. Abby will be known for helping and inspiring others and for being the poster pup for success. Thank you to everyone who cheered Abby on during this journey. SHE DID IT!

Abby's Extreme Makeover

Abby accomplished her goal with a healthy, low-calorie diet and carefully planned exercise. She enjoyed Fromm Family Food Gold Coast Weight Management formula kibble along with plain cooked green beens for two meals a day. Her diet included a good joint supplement to help her move more easily. Treats were very limited and consisted of Fromm cheese crackers, baby carrots,  blueberries and as a VERY special treat, watermelon! 

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If your pup needs to shed some weight, here are 3 tips we recommend: 
  • A high-quality weight-management food. We like Fromm Gold Coast, but there are many options. Visit to lean more
  • Replace bagged treats with healthy fruits & vegetables
  • Get moving! Whether it's swimming, leash walking, or backyard playing, devote time in your day, every day, to interact with your dog and get them moving

  Abby's Recipe