At The Cavalier Rescue, we work to ensure our dogs and families are well matched. That is why we use a specific and thorough process for matching our dogs with families -  It is in the best interest of the dog and the adopting family.

Our adoption process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Adoption Application
  • Interview and Vet/Ref. Check
  • Visit at foster home by adopting family (includes family, children, and other dogs)
  • Visit at adopting home with foster dog and foster parent

If all goes well and everyone is in agreement that this is the perfect match home, the adoption can then take place. At that time, an adoption agreement is signed, a family photo is taken,  and an adoption donation is made to The Cavalier Rescue.


Watch our pages!  WHEN the adoption requirements are posted for a dog AND they seem to be a GREAT MATCH FOR YOUR FAMILY, reach out via email to express your interest.  This will trigger a review of your application for that particular dog.  
Email (not text or facebook messages) us your completed application. We encourage you include photos of your  home and family and anything else that would provide us insight to help us to best match a dog with your family.  

 How to Adopt

 Complete the Adoption Application  You only need to apply ONCE. Your app will remain on file and may be reviewed for any AVAILABLE dog upon your EMAIL request. While you may express preferences on the application, we do not limit your application to those preferences. At The Cavalier Rescue, we work to ensure our dogs and families are well matched. That is why we use  a specific and thorough process for matching our rescues with families . It is in the best interest of the dog and the adopting family.
 Complete the Adoption Application  You only need to apply once, not per dog.

 To Do


  • Our process is thorough, and while we do not place dogs on a first-come, first-served basis, we DO give preference to the family who has been waiting the longest when all else is equal. 
  • We will not typically review your application for a dog you have not expressed an interest in VIA EMAIL..
  • While we place dogs coast-to-coast, the adopting family MUST be willing and able to travel to the foster home
  • Please understand we "work for the dogs" and  making  great matches is paramount.
  • Be patient! The right match is worth the wait!
  • Invisible/Electric fences are not considered safe or secure. We do not allow these to be used for our dogs.

 More about the steps in our process...

The Cavalier Rescue  requests an adoption donation for each dog. This allows us to partially cover the vetting costs and rescue more dogs. 

Donations help us make up the difference as vetting costs are typically higher than the adoption donation requested.

The adoption donations requested are typically:

  • Healthy dogs age 2 and under: $650
  • Adult dogs: $350 - $600
  • The amount for senior dogs and special needs dogs will be lower. 

Due to time limitations, as we are Volunteers, we are not able to personally acknowledge and reply to every application. Feel free to reach out to us anytime with questions.

✔️ We recommend and encourage you to include  photos of your home, yard, fencing, pets, etc. to supplement your application. 

✔️ Once you submit an application it will remain on file with us, but if/when information changes and needs to be updated, you will need to complete a new application.

🚨 We do NOT review and “rate” applications in a general sense, meaning your application does not get “approved” or “rejected” upon submission. Once you submit an application, the ball is in YOUR court 🎾 When you read the adoption listing for an AVAILABLE dog who you feel you meet the requirements for, may be a match with, and would like to be considered, you MUST EMAIL US expressing interest in that dog. This will trigger us to pull your application and materials submitted and review them with that dog’s specific needs and requirements in mind. We do not review applications for dogs who are NOT YET AVAILABLE. 🚨

We update our web site often and you may meet our dogs on the "HOME" page anytime.

Lastly, remember, every one of our Cavaliers is unique and has different needs. We work hard to ensure our dogs and families are well matched. The right match is worth the wait 💜

The Adoption Application must be completed and submitted from a computer (versus mobile device) and works best using the Chrome browser.  Additionally, all questions must be answered and all fields completed for the application to properly submit.  

If you wish to complete a "paper application" click the link below to access download and print the PDF version.  We recommend scanning and emailing it to us upon completion - or mail it to us at
The Cavalier Rescue, 5330 Technology Lane, Birmingham, Alabama 35217