Birmingham, Alabama




  • Female
  • Age: DOB 4/2/2020
  • 4#
  • Malformed front leg, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $650  


🐶Young, active canine playmate, preferred
🌱Safe and secured fenced yard, preferred
💜Older, gentle children okay
🏡 Low alone hours/plenty of opportunity for activity
🗺 Live within reasonable driving distance to Birmingham, Alabama for orthopedic care






🚩 Before applying to adopt, please be sure that the entire family is on board and committed to adoption, and that great consideration is given to the time, effort, and funds involved in properly and responsibly raising a puppy.

Amber (DOB 4/2/20) came to us as a breeder release at just 3.5 weeks old when her breeder noticed her front leg was malformed. Soon after, Amber met with our wonderful orthopedic specialist who determined that she does indeed have a birth deformity called carpal hemimelia. Unfortunately this cannot be “fixed”, but to prevent secondary issues which could diminish her quality of life, it is recommended that she undergo an amputation or fusion when she reaches maturity. Of course she has a lot of growing and developing to do before then and things will be re-evaluated at that time. The Cavalier Rescue will cover the expense of the next evaluation as well as the our orthopedic surgeon’s recommended procedure for her. This will occur at Veterinary Specialists of Birmingham, therefore her new family must be close enough to Birmingham, Alabama to commit to and fulfill this.

Amber has also seen our general vet and has been deemed a healthy puppy and congenitally sound with clear eyes, hips, and heart. She has one slightly loose knee which is not uncommon in puppies at her age due to normal “puppy laxity” - we expect this will tighten up as she continues to grow. Her malformed leg does not cause her any pain or discomfort and she has adapted to her deformity very well - she gets around like any other dog, but with ANY Cavalier, we always recommend pet steps to safely allow them access to furniture and discourage jumping on and off at any height.

Amber is an overall healthy girl and at now 8 weeks of age she has had one distemper / parvo vaccination (DHPP), is now microchipped, and has started on monthly preventatives. She will have her second DHPP vaccine while in our care at 11 weeks of a age, and will be due for her third DHPP vaccine in early July, a rabies vaccine at 6 months old, and will need to be spayed when age appropriate. The Cavalier Rescue will cover her her lab work and spay, to be done at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama when that time comes. Amber is tiny, but mighty, clocking in at 3 pounds 8 ounces.

Amber is a sweet and playful little puppy who enjoys playing chase with her foster sibling, playing with toys, as well as snuggles and cuddles. This precious girl reliable uses a piddle pad in her “pen”, but her new family will need to work on teaching her to potty outside. Puppies have very tiny bladders and need to be taken out frequently - first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every couple of hours throughout the day including right after meals and immediately after waking up from naps, to ensure potty training success. Please know that there will be accidents and that continued potty training, for many many months, will be needed. Additionally, puppies need a lot of stimulation, attention, engagement, and activity, so we are looking for a family with an adult who can be home most of the day to allow for plenty of opportunity for activity, socialization, and for potty training purposes as well.

Amber is not yet leash trained so a contained area (like an x-pen) in a well maintained yard is needed for her safety until she is leash trained and can safely be exposed to more and more space and freedom. In addition to an appropriate and safe outdoor area for pottying and play, we will also be looking for a very puppy proofed home as puppies will be puppies and will get into everything they can. Anything within reach of the pup is up for grabs and so ensuring that the yard and inside of the home can and will be well maintained for her safety is imperative. Please know that supplies like x-pens and baby gates will be needed and required for Amber’s safety and protection. Because she is a baby puppy, she can easily fit through gaps, holes, or under and between things that could be dangerous, so careful supervision and extra diligence is needed to make sure she is safe at all times.

We feel Amber would enjoy the companionship of another young, active, playful dog in the home who will be welcoming and tolerant of typical puppy antics. Because she is a little gal, she will need a lot of supervision to insure playtime is not too rough. Having a playmate will keep her engaged and busy which means less time for trouble! We also feel she would do well in a home with children old enough to know how to handle and engage with her appropriately and gently as well as understand the importance of keeping their belongings 'put up' and out of puppy reach. Amber would do well in an active family, but not a busy family who would lack the time it takes to devote to him.

We are thrilled that Amber is healthy and thriving and ready to find her forever home. She will bring so much love, laughter, and life to a family that will embrace all she has to offer. If you meet her requirements, are ready for all the joys and challenges of puppyhood, and have the patience, endless love, and guidance she needs to thrive, please complete an adoption application found on our website, and then email us at to express your interest. Amber is located in Birmingham, Alabama (travel there is required), and her requested adoption donation is $650. We will practice social distancing and appropriate hygiene through all steps of our adoption process.

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Every Cavalier is different.
We put tremendous thought and effort into determining what each dog's needs are. 
We don't settle for less than their new family meeting ALL of their stated requirements. If you don't meet all requirements stated above, please do not email us with your interest, as this Cavalier is not the right match for you. Watch for others to become available who are a great match for your family.