• Female
  • Age: 12  (DOB  10/15/2010)
  • 19#
  • MVD, Luxating Patellas, Inflammatory Carcinoma
  • Hospice Placement


  Perryville, Missouri

Annalise is from a very large USDA commercial breeder in Iowa so we were not shocked that her intake vetting revealed several significant health issues. She has very low tear production, a condition known as “dry eye”. We have started her on a tear stimulant to help stimulate her own tear production as well as an artificial tear to keep her eyes properly lubricated.

Annalise has grade 3 bilateral luxating patellas. She is asymptomatic with a bit of a limp at this time. We know she has not had the proper opportunity for strengthening and stabilizing so we will be evaluating and assessing her knees further in foster care and visit with our orthopedic surgeon if warranted.

Like many 8 year old Cavaliers, she does have a significant heart murmur. She will be visiting our cardiologist for a full cardiac evaluation.

Annalise also needs a dental as she has some exposed roots and significant dental disease as well as a fix to a failed hernia repair. We are also treating her for bad ear infections.

She has developed a bad case of mastitis (infection of the mammary glands). Fever, lethargy, loss of appetite... this poor thing was not feeling well! . She has some very questionable mammary tissue/glands so she underwent a mastectory, dental, and hernia repair, and did really well. She has just gotten her drains out and is recoving with lots of TLC in her foster home.

Sadly, her pathology report indicated inflammatory carcinoma which is highly aggressive and metastasized. Our goal is to make her remaining days as fantastic as they can be.


Sweet Annalise was rescued out of one of the largest and most notorious puppy mills back in October. Soon after she was welcomed into our Hospice Program when we got the devastating news that she has inflammatory breast cancer. It has now been 64 days since we received her her pathology report which reported her anticipated survivability of 56 days.

Her furever foster mom reports that she is happy, thriving, and enjoying life! She loves her meals and will now bark if it is not served fast enough. She is active and sometimes playful and shows no signs of slowing down or any issues related to her cancer thus far. “Will continue to celebrate each and everyday and continue to plan for many more “first” experiences for our sweet Annalise!” 💜

UPDATE August 2020: Annalise,  had her repeat heart echo. We are thrilled to learn she is also stable, and no meds need to change at this time. She has been quite a surprise as she came to us two years ago, with terminal cancer and heart disease. She has responded so well to medications and TLC, as we often see with our Hospice Angels. This makes our hearts smile!

OCTOBER 1, 2020 is a BIG DAY!!! Happy Birthday and Happy 2nd year Rescue Gotcha Day Sweet Annalise!!!
Once a breeder dog for one of the HSUS Horrible 100 breeders in Iowa with over 1500 dogs. Her Angel was a rescuer working undercover to assist getting the older dogs released from breeding/puppy mills and on to safety. We saw her listing and TCR gave the okay to rescue!! Within the first 10 days she was vetted, a mammary tumor was found and quickly abscessed and ruptured. She had her big surgery day and decided then and there she was going to continue being a fighter and wasn’t about to let cancer take away her chance at living!! Given a grim prognosis she was moved to hospice and was given a family of her own.
Annalise continues to enjoy the good life!! She is as sassy as she is sweet! She has been a wonderful Ambassador for every single foster dog that joins her home. Her tail is always wagging and she loves everyone she meets! She recently had a follow up Cardiology visit where her diagnostic tests and chest X-ray showed NO Signs of metastatic lesions!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
 She is such a precious and wonderful gift of love!!!  💜🎉🎁🎂🐶🐾💜  10 looks fabulous on you sweet Annalise!!

UPDATE OCTOBER 22, 2020 Annalise had a great wellness visit this week with Dr.Brian at Cape Small Animal Clinic.  She continues to defy the odds and lives her best live every day. She will have a dental soon so we can keep that sweet smile pearly white! She is a great example of what great care and lots of love can do!

UPDATE OCTOBER 2, 2021 Annalise had an adventure today going the the Lake St Louis Farmers and Artist Market. Visiting local vendors with her buddy Oliver and Aunt Kimbra. Fun was had by all despite the rain while Annalise stayed dry in her awesome stroller.

UPDATE OCTOBER 11, 2021 Happy 11th Birthday to sweet Annalise!! On October 1, 2018 Annalise was picked up in Iowa at PAW Fort Madison Animal Shelter, as they released to The Cavalier Rescue. What has followed is nothing short of a miracle! Annalise a mammary cancer survivor with MVD who is a hospice girl with TCR. She has lived a wonderful 3 years in rescue after existing 8 years in a puppymill. She is a happy, lazy, super sweet girl who is a total foodie and loves naps!!! Her day involves eating, sleeping, and wondering around her big yard with her brothers and sisters, oh and an occasional float around the pool. Looking good sweet girl!!!

UPDATE OCTOBER 22, 2021 Sweet Annalise has that #FridayFeeling 🙌🏼 And she has every reason to - despite her aggressive cancer, she continues to remain in remission while being cared for in our hospice program 💜 #TGIF #VioletFund

UPDATE JANUARY 29, 2022: Once upon a time there was a sad sweet girl that spent 8 years of her life pumping out puppies for a large scale puppymill.
Now she lives her fairytale life as a very spoiled and loved Queen of the castle!!!
Our beautiful Annalise💜🐾💜

UPDATE FEBRUARY 3, 2022: Looks like Annalise, in Missouri, is winter storm ready ❄️ Take notes 📝 Comfy bed ✔️ Warm pajamas ✔️ Cozy blanket ✔️ Toasty fire ✔️ Peaceful sleep ✔️

UPDATE OCTOBER 11, 2022 Happy 12th Birthday to sweet Annalise!! What a little miracle she is!  We have a lot to celebrate for this darling girl!

Christmas 2022:  Thank you to everyone who made our hospice dogs’ Christmas wishes come true ✨ Sweet 12 year old Annalise in Troy, Missouri, who is a cancer survivor and currently remains in remission, asked for treats and a stuffed Kong toy which she received from anonymous gifters 🎁 Thank you ❤️