• Female
  • Age: 8  (DOB  10/15/2010)
  • 17#
  • MVD, Luxating Patellas, Inflammatory Carcinoma
  • Hospice Placement


  Perryville, Missouri

Annalise is from a very large USDA commercial breeder in Iowa so we were not shocked that her intake vetting revealed several significant health issues. She has very low tear production, a condition known as “dry eye”. We have started her on a tear stimulant to help stimulate her own tear production as well as an artificial tear to keep her eyes properly lubricated.

Annalise has grade 3 bilateral luxating patellas. She is asymptomatic with a bit of a limp at this time. We know she has not had the proper opportunity for strengthening and stabilizing so we will be evaluating and assessing her knees further in foster care and visit with our orthopedic surgeon if warranted.

Like many 8 year old Cavaliers, she does have a significant heart murmur. She will be visiting our cardiologist for a full cardiac evaluation.

Annalise also needs a dental as she has some exposed roots and significant dental disease as well as a fix to a failed hernia repair. We are also treating her for bad ear infections.

She has developed a bad case of mastitis (infection of the mammary glands). Fever, lethargy, loss of appetite... this poor thing was not feeling well! . She has some very questionable mammary tissue/glands so she underwent a mastectory, dental, and hernia repair, and did really well. She has just gotten her drains out and is recoving with lots of TLC in her foster home.

Sadly, her pathology report indicated inflammatory carcinoma which is highly aggressive and metastasized. Our goal is to make her remaining days as fantastic as they can be.


Sweet Annalise was rescued out of one of the largest and most notorious puppy mills back in October. Soon after she was welcomed into our Hospice Program when we got the devastating news that she has inflammatory breast cancer. It has now been 64 days since we received her her pathology report which reported her anticipated survivability of 56 days.

Her furever foster mom reports that she is happy, thriving, and enjoying life! She loves her meals and will now bark if it is not served fast enough. She is active and sometimes playful and shows no signs of slowing down or any issues related to her cancer thus far. “Will continue to celebrate each and everyday and continue to plan for many more “first” experiences for our sweet Annalise!” 💜

UPDATE August 2020: Annalise,  had her repeat heart echo. We are thrilled to learn she is also stable, and no meds need to change at this time. She has been quite a surprise as she came to us two years ago, with terminal cancer and heart disease. She has responded so well to medications and TLC, as we often see with our Hospice Angels. This makes our hearts smile!