• Male
  • Age: Approximately 10 years old
  • 23#
  • Blind, hearing impaired, arthritis, neuro/cognitive issues
  • Hospice Placement


 Birmingham, Alabama


We pulled Archie out of a shelter in West Tennessee where he was picked up as stray and not reclaimed. He arrived in very poor shape and required IV fluids, antibiotics, and supplements upon arrival. He was flea infested which caused severe anemia. His labwork revealed an alarmingly high WBC and dehydration. Archie had ear infections, a UTI, abscessed teeth, severe dental disease, infection and desperately needed a dental. After a few weeks of geat care, his lab work was improved and he was able to have his muh needed dental work.
He has also met with our ophthalmologist and was blind from hyper mature cataracts.
Archie’s eyes have been giving him a lot of pain and problems so we decided to move forward with emergency surgery to give him a permanent cure to his many eye problems which stemmed from his neglected juvenile hyper hyper hyper mature cataracts which he had when he arrived into rescue. Despite our very best efforts, lots of procedures, lots of drops, lots of appointments, and lots of care, we were unable to maintain the small amount of vision that was restored with cataract surgery and unable to effectively manage his inflammation and glaucoma. So today he had both of his eyes removed. He had a prosthetic placed in his right eye to prevent a “caved in” appearance. The lids are closed shut and it will just be skin/fur over the prosthetic eye. His left eye has an intrascleral prosthetic which gives the appearance of an eye and he still has the ability to move the eye and blink. You can read more about it here:…/intrascleral-prosthesis/
He did well with the surgery and his foster mom was able to visit him this evening. He gave her lots of tail wags when he sensed her presence 💜 Prayers for a quick recovery for the Big Arch!