• Male
  • Age: 1 1/2   (DOB 11/27/2017)
  • 25#
  • Asymtomatic mild murmur, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $550


  Perryville, Missouri

🌱Safe and secured fenced in yard
🏡Someone home much of the day
🐶Canine companion of similar size / temperament
💜Older, gentle children okay

Last month we welcomed in almost 2 year old Audi (DOB 11/27/2017) into our care after he was released by a breeder. Like so many breeder releases that come in, Audi was suffering with medical issues due to neglect and living in a filthy environment. Upon intake he was diagnosed with nasty ear mites, hookworms, and a urinary tract infection. We started treatment right away and is now deemed clear of infection, mites, and worms per his last vet visit! Now he is ready to find her perfect furever family!

While Audi’s eyes, knees, and hips are congenitally sound at this time, our vet detected a very mild (grade 1) heart murmur. While it is common for middle aged and older Cavaliers to have a heart murmur due to mitral valve disease, a condition that plagues the breed, this would be unlikely for a Cavalier of his young age. We have consulted with our cardiologist who recommended a ‘re-listen’ in 2 months. If the murmur us still audible, then an echocardiogram performed by a veterinary cardiologist should be done. We have certainly seen mild murmurs ‘come and go’ in rescue, but Audi will need a family who will be diligent in following up and following through with this, no matter the outcome. Audi’s heartworm and tick borne tick borne illness tests were negative and his bloodwork was normal. He underwent a neuter surgery while in our care and had a routine surgery and recovery. He is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchip, and on monthly preventatives. We will be sending Audi home with an appropriate preventatives that will prevent the regrowth of any of those nasty ear mites and hookworms.

Audi is a larger Cavalier, weighing in right at his ideal weight of 25 pounds. Although Audi is not as food motivated as some Cavaliers, we are still diligent about making sure he gets strictly portioned meals of his high quality food and limited, healthy treats which he has come to love in foster care. He is a beautiful Blenheim boy whose feathers and fur will continue to come in nicely now that he is eating quality groceries, in a clean environment, and getting lots of care.

Since Audi missed out on the beginning of his puppy life, he is now working on making up for that. Audi absolutely loves to play outside. He explores every inch of the yard, bounding and jumping all around. For this reason, we are seeking a home with a safe and secured fenced in yard for him to enjoy. Everything is new and wonderful, and Audi takes it all in! Keeping in mind, the first year and a half of his life Audi was exposed to very little stimuli, everything is novel, new and exciting. When you have had nothing, and now you have so much, Audi must learn to have a healthy relationship with ‘things’. He has shown some guarding tendencies with certain toys, mainly stuffed animals. His new family will need to be alert and diligent in supervising and monitoring his play with other dogs, especially if any ‘thing’ is involved. The best way to manage resource guarding is to set the environment up right by eliminating the triggers. Toys should be put ‘up’ and only out and allowed when supervised. It is important to give Audi the chance to learn how to play with them appropriately and providing him with opportunities to do so, but also taken away when he is not appropriate with them. This will take time to learn and his family needs to be patient with him while also providing him with clear expectations and guidance. Audi is still a puppy and very much still exploring all the new things with his mouth. Maintaining a safe puppy proofed home is imperative for his safety.

Audi has been impressive in the potty training department. Since his neuter surgery and treatment for his urinary tract infection, Audi has not had any accidents in the house and ‘marking’ has subsided. He needs to be taken out frequently and given plenty of opportunities to be successful. He should be taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between including right after meals. As with all our Cavaliers, continued potty training is necessary and accidents are to be expected, especially while the dog is learning their new environment, people, and routine. Positive reinforcement is crucial and special high value treats immediately after good potty behavior, along with lots of praise and gentle petting, will really help to him to understand what is expected of him.

Sadly, Audi has not been socialized with human and is still quite nervous around new people and new situations. He is very alert and very inquisitive- he hears every sound and pays attention to every noise. Audi is also quiet- it is quite rare to hear Audi bark. One of Audi’s favorite things is to watch himself in the mirror! He just can’t seem to get enough of his handsome self! First thing every morning, before heading outside to potty, Audi will stop at the mirror and check himself out – what a silly boy! It is important to remember that this is a brand new world for Audi and that he needs slow introductions and gentle exposures. Audi had extremely limited human contact the first year and a half of his life so he is still a wary of humans, but you can see in his eyes that he really wants to trust and be loved. He will get there but it will take time and should not be rushed or forced. Audi will often come up to his foster mom and lean all his weight into her. As she pets him and tells him what a good boy he is, he will often settle right down for a nap.

With 5 other Cavalier foster siblings, Audi’s foster mom has carved out special one on one time with Audi and they have embarked on several adventures. Audi is a great car rider, and settles into his Snoozer carseat straight away. Audi has had the opportunity to meet several kitties, and was a perfect canine gentleman! He is also doing remarkably well at leash training, and will trot along right beside you. At the vet office, a little girl eve took Audi on a “walk’ around the office. She was very patient with him and they were quickly good buddies. Sharp, sudden, loud, or new noises still startle Audi, and this will cause him to pull his harness or try to scramble to safety. His new family will need to be extra careful and diligent with him to ensure his safety. He is not quite ready to be out on leash in a highly social setting with lots of people and stimuli. Additionally, wrapping his leash around your wrist a couple times is always a good idea.

Audi takes comfort in laying with his blanket. At night he bunks with 2 of his foster brothers in a comfy kennel. Audi truly enjoys snuggling with his humans, and we bet he would love to be invited into the big bed with his forever family. During the day when people are home, the kennel is closed up to help nudge and encourage Audi to be engaged and experience the world outside of confinement, which sadly he is used to. When no humans are home, Audi is kenneled for his safety. He would also do well in a puppy proofed area of the home. When Audi has settled into his new home, we feel would benefit and thrive with positive based puppy classes. The socialization and exposure would do him good. He is a highly intelligent little guy, and we expect he would excel and enjoy it!

Audi is a young, active pup who is really enjoying his outdoor freedom and learning what it is like to live inside a home with a loving family. He needs plenty of opportunities for activity, engagement, play, and socialization, therefore it is imperative that Audi’s furever family have the time to provide all of this for him. He will need continued positive training and guidance which requires an extra patient, gentle, and loving family to help him become the healthy, social, confident dog that he is capable of being. If you feel you are the perfect match for Audi, please complete an adoption application found on our website, and then email us at to express your interest. Audi is being fostered in Lebanon, Missouri (travel there is required), and his requested adoption donation is $550.