Sacramento, Califirnia



  • Female
  • Age: 11 1/2
  • 17.9# 
  • Mild asymptomatic murmur, arthritis, luxating patella, dry eye
  • Adoption Donation: $150


Audrey was found stray and sat in a shelter in California waiting to be reclaimed... but she never was. She had a note on her paperwork that said “euthanize after stray hold”, likely due to age and health 💔Thankfully she was on our watch 👀 and we were able to get her off the euthanasia list and into loving arms 💕 Audrey has since seen our wonderful pawtnering vet 🐾 @dr.cameroncollins at East Sacramento Veterinary Center and we believe she is between 11 and 12 years old. There is room for much improvement in terms of her health which is a great thing 💜 We will share her full medical update tomorrow. Audrey is being fostered in Sacramento, California.

Audrey came into our care after we sprung her out of a shelter and off the euthanasia list. Audrey had been picked up stray, brought to a shelter, and never reclaimed. We are certain her age and current health status landed her on the euthanasia list but all this sweet girl needed was some good, quality care and love 💕... which she is now receiving an abundance of!

Since we have no background information on Audrey our best guess is that she is about 11 years old. Almost all of Audrey’s health issues are treatable which means we have a lot of room for improvement 🙌🏻 We are currently treating her for bad ear infections, “dry eye” with secondary infection and pigmentary keratitis, dermatitis, and a bad upper respiratory infection / bronchitis.

Audrey has bilateral luxating patellas which are noticeable with her gait but it’s clear she has compensated for them all of her life. They don’t cause her any discomfort or pain and because of her age she isn’t overly active any way. We have started her on joint supplements and she will also be put on Galliprant once we clear her of her infections, both which will need to be continued for life.

The great news is that all of her labwork was fabulous - normal bloodwork, normal urinalysis, negative fecal, negative heartworm, and negative tick borne illness. She also only has an ‘every so slight’ heart murmur (grade 1) which is impressive given her age!

She is in need of a dental with many extractions and that will be the next thing we tackle once she is completely clear of all infection. She heads back to the vet this Tuesday for a recheck of her ears, eyes, and upper respiratory infection. We are hoping for a great recheck showing much improvement 💜 Sweet Audrey is being fostered in Sacramento, California.


UPDATE FEB 19Audrey’s days were once spent alone in a shelter... now, they’re spent in a comfy lap 💕 (where all Cavaliers belong!) Audrey is continuing to do so well and has been cleared for her much needed spay and dental due to take place this Friday 💜


Sweet Audrey is recovering well after her big surgery day last week. On Friday she underwent her spay surgery and much needed dental with 16 extractions. When they shaved her belly for her surgery prep, they noticed a mammary ‘lump’ that they were also able to remove which sent out for testing. Result came back today and it is benign!!

Audrey will return to the vet next week for her post op recheck and suture removal. 11.5 year old Audrey is recovering well and hasn’t missed a beat 💕