• Female
  • Age: 12  (DOB1/13/2007)
  • 18.7#
  • Mild arthritis, mild Left luxating patella (G!) , HEART CLEAR!! Overall healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $150


  Mandeville, Lousiana

Bailey tested positive for Lyme on her tick borne illness test at intake, so we opted to run a titer test which detects and measures the antibodies and gives us quantifiable information about her exposure and infection. We just got those results in and thankfully Bailey’s antibody level is low (less than 10) and considered clinically insignificant at this time so no treatment is recommended πŸ™ŒπŸ»

We are currently treating Bailey for a urinary tract infection, ear infections, and allergy dermatitis. She will be rechecked in 2 weeks to be sure things are moving in the right direction. Despite her age, 13, and her current ailments, this girl finds lots of enjoyment with her toys πŸ’œ

Sweet Bailey was welcomed after her family released her into our care. Bailey will turn 13 years old on January 13th. Her intake vetting revealed that she has typical aging changes but it still in really great shape congenitally including clear eyes and a CLEAR HEART πŸ’œ This makes Bailey a unicorn πŸ¦„ in the Cavalier world as almost all Cavaliers by her age have an audible heart murmur due to mitral valve disease.

She’s at her ideal weight of about 19 pounds and maintaining her lean figure is important as some arthritis has set into her hips and knees. We have started her on joint supplements to help support her. She has some skin issues consistent with allergies, including flea allergy dermatitis and ear infections. Much of that is likely environmental and we should see improvements now that she has been de-flead, on preventatives, and getting high quality food and supplements. Additionally, we are starting her on biweekly medicated baths to a daily spray to help with healing. Her ears are being treated with an otic pack.

Bailey had a negative heartworm test, a negative fecal test, and overall good bloodwork, however her urinalysis did reveal a urinary tract infection which she is undergoing treatment for. She also tested positive for Lyme, a tick borne illness. The results indicated infection (rather than exposure or vaccination) so we have opted to run an antibody test / titer test which will quantify her infection and determine if treatment is needed. We expect to have these results sometime next week.

Lastly, Miss Bailey will need a dental cleaning but we will first tackle her urinary tract infection, ear infections, and improve her skin. She will head back to the vet in a couple weeks for a recheck to make sure everything is on the right track πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Until then, she is continuing to transition and settle into her foster home in Mandeville, Louisiana. At nearly 13, she is still very playful and almost always has a toy with her πŸ’œ