• Male
  • Age  6 (DOB 5/26/2014)
  • 26.4#
  • MVD managed with daily medications 
  • Adoption donation $TBA


Harvest, Alabama

We recently welcomed in handsome 6 year old Bailey after his family released him into our care and he has since undergone his full intake vetting. Bailey is a big boy at 33 pounds, but also a bit overweight so we will be getting those extra pounds off in foster care. He came to us already neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccinations.

His physical exam revealed an overall healthy boy with clear eyes, hips, and knees but a significant heart murmur was detected likely due to mitral valve disease which plagues the breed. He is scheduled for a full cardiac evaluation with our veterinary cardiologist so we can learn more about his heart.

His fecal test did test positive for tapeworms which is due to ingesting a flea. Bailey had not been on a flea preventative previously, so we are deworming him and he has started on monthly preventatives. The rest of his labwork including his heartworm and tick borne illness test, urinalysis, and bloodwork were all normal and negative. Because his labwork looked good, Bailey has been cleared to undergo a much needed dental and while he is under a growth on his left hip will be removed. We will be sure to let you know that his procedures went well. Bailey is being fostered in Harvest, Alabama

UPDATE  JULY 9, 2021: A significant heart murmur was detected at sweet 7 year old Bailey’s intake vetting and he recently had his full cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram with our cardiologist so we could learn more.
Unfortunately he didn’t receive the best report but we are happy to now have Bailey on the right medications so his heart disease can be managed and he can have the best outcome possible.
Bailey has severe mitral valve disease (MVD) and because of the faulty/ insufficient mitral valve he has significant left side enlargement. Additionally, he has pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure). He has started medications to help treat the hypertension, help slow down further progression of his heart disease, and help support his heart. He will return to the cardiologist in September to ensure he is responding well to the medications which we already feel he is.
Bailey’s overall health has improved so much since his arrival as he has been treated for skin infections, has undergone a much needed dental, and has lost 7 extra pounds! We feel encouraged we will be able to help his heart health too 💜 

UPDATE  AUGUST 4, 2021: When sweet 7 year old Bailey boy arrived into care he had a significant heart murmur which warranted a full cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram with our veterinary cardiologist in Birmingham, Alabama where he was diagnosed with severe mitral valve disease (MVD) and put on heart medications to help support his heart and help to slow down any further progression of his heart disease.
While the first/baseline echocardiogram is super important for accurate diagnosing and determining if medications are needed, the next echocardiogram is where we will learn how well he is responding to the medications and able to better determine the direction the disease is taking. Bailey will return to our cardiologist in September for that recheck echocardiogram and we are certainly hoping for good news.