• Male
  • Age: 1  (DOB  3/11/2017)
  • 12.8#
  • Dry eyes being treated, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donations: $650


  Brookhaven, Georgia


LITTLE BEAR ? Yesterday we welcomed little Bear Bear into rescue after he was released (thank goodness) by his breeder. This sweet boy is not even 2 years old yet and has already experienced so much abuse, neglect, pain and suffering ? He is absolutely terrified and so traumatized but the silver lining is that he is still young and therefore he has his whole life ahead of him where he will only have positive experiences and an abundance of love and care. We believe that given the right recipe ALL our babies are capable of complete rehabilitation ?

Yesterday we discovered that Bear does not have ANY tear production and has a very extreme case of ?dry eye? in both of his eyes. This is so painful for him - the poor baby can?t even keep his eyes open and prefers to keep them shut. As a result of the neglected dry eye, he is also suffering with eye infections. We have started him for treatment of the eye infections, a tear stimulant to see if we can get any tear production going, and artificial tears which he is receiving around the clock to help keep his eyes as lubricated as possible and give him some relief. We have to give him some time on the tear stimulant to see if it is working ?? so in 2 weeks we will recheck tear production and see if we have any progress. If not, we will get him in to see our ophthalmologist to explore other ways to stimulate tear production. We are hoping and praying he is one who will be very responsive to the medicine!

Because all of Bear?s labwork looked good, today he underwent his neuter surgery and dental cleaning. He did well and is now on his way to his foster home in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area to rest, recover, and majorly decompress, and then begin to learn about this new world around him. In addition to the dry eye and secondary eye infections, we are also treating Bear for giardia. His knees, hips, and heart are all congenitally clear at this time. We will be sure to keep you posted on how this little sweetie is doing as well as how his recheck goes in 2 weeks.


Earlier this week Bear went in for a recheck tear test to see if we have been able to stimulate any tear production. We were thrilled to see that his right eye is responding very well to the medication and is now producing some tears! The tear production is still low but continued use of the medications should continue to stimulate more and more production! Since it is still low, we will continue to supplement his tears with artificial tears so that the eye stays adequately lubricated to prevent infection and inflammation from coming back.

Unfortunately, the left eye is still not producing any tears and it is not likely that continued use of the same medication will stimulate any. We can check his left eye off as a “non responder” to Tacrolimus (the tear stimulant being used), so we will consult with our ophthamologist on a plan B for his left eye which will likely be another 2 week trial on a different tear stimulant. We are still treating the left eye for infection and are administering artificial tears around the clock to help keep the eye as lubricated and comfortable as possible.

We will be sure to keep you posted on Bear’s outcome as we continue to work to find an effective treatment plan for his left eye 💜

January 11, 2019 NEWS FLASH 💥 We have tears 🙌🏻 Adorable Bear returned to the vet for another tear test to check the progression of his tear production. While his right eye has responded well to the tear stimulant and dry eye protocol, his left eye has been slow to respond. We were thrilled yesterday to see that the left eye is improving and is now producing a small amount of tears! Now knowing that both eyes are responding to the treatment plan, we will stay the course and expect his tear production to continue to increase over time! Bear has also gained some weight and is now up to 12.8 pounds which we feel is his ideal weight.

While we have now been able to properly address and manage all of Bear’s medical needs, we are still tackling some of his behavioral needs. We feel his behavioral issues stem from such deep distrust and extreme fear of humans. While we usually see this present by the dog avoiding and hiding from humans, Bear reacts by making the first move to assert himself by “charging”, growling, and nipping which we feel has become his mechanism to try to protect himself. We are working with a professional trainer who is helping Bear overcome his fears and working to modify his behaviors. Bear's foster mom, along with the Georgia team, are fully engaged in his rehabilitation and committed to helping him become the best little Bear he can be 💜