Ider, Alabama

Bessie is a 5 year old breeder release. She has a huge mammary mass of some sort and so during her abdominal exam when our vet was able to palpate more masses we feared that she had a belly full of cancer. Much to our surprise when we popped her on ultrasound, we got heart beats instead 😳 Radiographs showed what appears to be two puppies quite developed. We anticipate she is over 50 days into her pregnancy meaning she is due any day.

Bessie has several health issues that need to be adddressed and we are obviously eager to tend to her needs but limited to what we can do at this point. Our wonderful cardiologist is fitting her in Wednesday evening for a cardiac assessment as what we are hearing over stethoscope is very concerning. After that, she will get settled in to her foster home where she will, God willing, birth and whelp her very last littler of puppies surrounded by love and care.

UPDATE August 19, 2019:

Radiographs have confirmed that labor and delivery is over. We thankfully have just one seemingly healthy ruby girl and a very happy mom 💜 Meet Samantha, born 8/18/2019 and weighing 7.4 ounces 🎀 #WelcomeIn
Please understand that puppies born in these circumstances are very “touch and go” and it’s not appropriate to discuss adoption at this time. Please refrain from contacting us with your interest. Thanks for understanding.




  • Female
  • Age: 5   (DOB 7/2/2014)
  • 17# 
  • Pregnant - full term
  • Adoption Donation: $TBA