• Male
  • Age  ~76 (DOB celbrbated  5/14/2014)
  • 24#
  • Health : MVD managed with medication, spondylosis / IVDD managed with a joint supplment and anit-inflammatories
  • Adoption donation $TBA


Houma, Louisiana

 Playa Vista, California 

Biscuit’s story started off on “stray hold” in a shelter where no family ever came for him. He had no identification tags and no microchip so we do not know anything about his history or background. What’s your name? Age? come from? Anyone out there speak “dog”?!?! 🗣

We are starting to learn more about Biscuit as he has now undergone his full intake vetting and a full cardiology evaluation since arriving into our care.
Biscuit is an intact male and a bigger boy weighing in at 24 pounds which we feel is a few pounds underweight. We feel he is an older adult, about 7 years old. All of his labwork came back great - his fecal test, heartworm and tick borne illness test were negative and his bloodwork and urinalysis were normal.
We are treating him for ear infections and for a “cough” that is likely from his shelter stay or from the bordetella vaccine that he received while there. Once that clears, we will be moving forward with his neuter, dental cleaning, and removal of 2 growths - one behind his ear and one on his head.
In the meantime, because a significant heart murmur was detected at his vetting, he saw a veterinary cardiologist for a cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram. Like most older adult Cavaliers, Biscuit has mitral valve disease (MVD) and has just some mild structural changes to his heart because of the insufficient valve. To help slow down any further progression of the disease, he has started on Pimobendan and will of course need to remain under the care of a cardiologist.
Biscuit will also be seeing an ophthalmologist later this month as he has microphthalmia which is an eye abnormality resulting in an underdeveloped eye. While he has no visible left eye, there is some eye tissue that will need to be removed and the lid sutured shut. Thankfully though he has a healthy and beautiful right eye!
Lastly, radiographs revealed that Biscuit has some spinal abnormalities including spondylosis and intervertebral disc disease which has resulted in some hind end weakness and ataxia which you can visibly see when he walks (we will be sure to share a video soon). We will be starting him on an anti inflammatory and daily joint supplement and working to help improve his strength and stability.
So as you can see we have quite a lengthy “to do” list 📝 to meet Biscuit’s needs which include specialists for both cardiology 🫀 and ophthalmology 👁 and several procedures ahead of him. This happy, sweet, and silly boy is getting himself all settled in to his foster home in Playa Vista, California and we will be sure to bring you along as we continue to get to know him and address all his needs 💜