• Female
  • Age TBA
  • 19# 
  • Cataract surgery 10/20, Dental surgery pending
  • Adoption donation $TBA


  Birmingham, Alabama

Meet Blossom! Blossom is another one of the 4 Cavaliers that we took in from the Charlotte, North Carolina hoarding situation. Blossom recently underwent her full intake vetting and ophthalmology consultation.
Blossom is suffering from hair loss, thickened calloused skin, and secondary infection due to the poor living environment she was in including being infested with fleas. We are treating her skin as well as her ears.
Her eyes were a mess upon arrival but have already greatly improved! While she didn’t produce any tears on her tear test upon intake, after being on a tear stimulant and effectively reducing infection and inflammation, her tears are now within normal limits! Sadly she has no vision due to very hypermature cataracts, but her ophthalmology exam revealed that she is an excellent candidate for cataract removal surgery and vision restoration 🙌🏼 She is scheduled to undergo this surgery on Octoner 20th!

We don’t know how old Blossom is and it is hard to “age” because of the severe neglect but we will have a better idea once the cataracts are removed.

Blossom is such a sweet, gentle, loving girl who is happy as a clam being in your lap all day. We are very, very, very excited about restoring her vision and changing her world 🌎 Blossom is being fostered in Birmingham, Alabama.