• Male
  • Age 7  (11/1/2013)
  • 25.7# (needs to shed a couple) 
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption donation $450


  Canton, Georgia

Welcome in, Bodhi! Precious 7 year old Bodhi was just released into our care and welcomed in by our Georgia team. His family was no longer able to financially care for him and no longer had the time to give him the attention and love that he needed and deserved. He is headed to our pawtnering vet ๐Ÿพ  for his full intake vetting and we will be sure to share a medical update when all his labwork results are in. In the meantime, he is getting settled into his foster home in Canton, Georgia ๐Ÿ’œwere able to give him. 


Our newest intake, Bodhi, recently underwent his intake vetting and received an overall good report โœ… At 7 years old, Bodhi is still congenitally sound with clear eyes, knees, hips, and heart! Additionally, all of his labwork including his fecal test, heartworm and tick borne illness test, urinalysis, and bloodwork was normal and negative.

He does have some hair loss on his hind end which may have been a result of a flea allergy or other allergy, or another environmental factor in his former home. The fur should start to grow back in nicely now. He is already neutered, but is in need of a dental cleaning and is scheduled to undergo that next week.

Bodhi is a larger boy weighing 25 pounds and we feel is just a couple pounds over his ideal weight - we will get those off in foster care. Sweet Bodhi is settling in wonderfully and being fostered in Canton, Georgia ๐Ÿ’œ


UPDATE November 17, 2020: A big day for handsome Bodhi in Canton, Georgia as he underwent his much needed dental. He did great and while he lost 7 bad teeth, he gained pearly whites and fresh breath. 
7 year old Bodhi is a healthy boy who is also still congenitally sound with clear eyes, hips, knees, and heart! He is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives ๐Ÿ’œ