• Male
  • Age:  6  (DOB 9/23/2013)
  • 18#
  • Mild asymtomatic murmur, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $450


  Alpharetta, Georgia

Brady was found stray in the Atlanta, Georgia area, in rough shape, brought to the shelter and was never reclaimed so we sprung him out of there the minute we could. Having no information or history on Brady our best guess is that he is about 6 years old and it appears his care has been neglected for quite some time. His nails were so long that they had completely curled. Poor baby must have had a tough time walking on them.

He has also been eaten up by fleas and suffering with bad flea allergy dermatitis which has caused a secondary skin infection. He is on an oral antibiotic and topical treatment to help repair his skin, although the fur regrowth will take quite some time. He also has ‘dry eye’ that has been neglected and therefore has caused secondary eye infection and inflammation. We are treating him with an antibiotic and steroidal drop along with a tear stimulant and artificial tear which he will need to be on long term.

Thankfully his heartworm test was negative and the rest of his labwork looked good, outside of the expected anemia due to the fleas, so we were able to move forward with his neuter and much needed dental where he lost 14 bad teeth (see before and after below). Sweet Brady is now resting and recovering in his foster home in Alpharetta, Georgia 💜