• Male
  • Age:  6  (DOB 9/23/2013)
  • 18#
  • Mild asymtomatic heart murmur, and "dry eye" requiring a prescription eye drop
  • Adoption Donation: $450


  Alpharetta, Georgia

🏡 Someone home much of the day/low alone hours
🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard, preferred
💜 Older, gentle children okay

Back in September we became aware of a Cavalier in an Atlanta area shelter who was brought in 'stray' in rough shape. He was hairless and raw in many places due to a flea infestation and secondary skin infections as well as nails growing into his paw pads and crusty, painful, inflamed eyes. It was very clear that it had been quite some time since he had received even the most basic of care. The shelter recognized his need for rescue help and was happy to transfer him into our care so he could get the help he desperately needed.

We named him Brady and even though it was obvious that humans had failed him, in true Cavalier fashion he was nothing but sweet, loving, gentle, and trusting from the moment we rescued him. Having no history or background information on Brady, out vets feel he is 6-7 years old. Intake vetting revealed that he had been suffering with "dry eye" which had been neglected and therefore caused a secondary eye infection. We treated the eye infections and started Brady on the right “dry eye" protocol which includes a tear stimulant drop and eye lubricating drop. Brady's tear production has increased while in our care - in fact his right eye is now within normal range and his left isn't too far behind. Brady should remain on these 2 eye drops, which are given twice a day, for life. Poor Brady was also suffering from terrible flea allergy dermatitis. He had been biting and itching himself completely raw which caused secondary infection. We treated the infection and started Brady on treatments to help heal the skin including medicated baths and a topical spray along with good groceries and a skin and coat supplement. While Brady's skin has far improved please know it will continue to take time for his coat to grow back thick and full again. We also treated Brady for ear infections and severe dental disease. While in our care he underwent his neuter surgery and much needed dental which required the extracting of 14 bad teeth that Brady doesn't miss a bit.

Brady is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. His fecal test was negative, heartworm and tick borne illness test was negative, his urinalysis was normal, and bloodwork looked good except for the flea anemia which was to be expected. Like most Cavaliers his age a very mild (grade 1) asymptomatic heart murmur was detected, likely from the onset of Mitral Valve Disease. He also has a "sensitive" spot on his side (rib area) that we radiographed. The xrays were unremarkable and we tried anti-inflammatories that didn't seem to help much. We feel he perhaps had an old injury or trauma there that has left him a bit sensitive to some touch, like being grabbed here and picked up. We started him on Gabapentin for pain and this may or may not be continued long term.

Brady is typical in size at 18.8 pounds. Like most Cavaliers, he loves his meals, treats, and has a great appetite. It is important that Brady remain at his ideal weight and so his forever family must be committed to his strictly portioned meals, limited healthy treats, and daily activity / exercise. Brady loves exploring in his foster family's fenced in yard as well as going on leashed walks. While Brady's hips and knees are clear, Brady is not a jumper and prefers to use pet steps to get up and down furniture - this is far better for him anyways and no jumping should be asked or encouraged.

Brady appears to be potty trained as he hasn't had an accident in foster care. That said, his foster family is very diligent about taking him out throughout the day - Brady should go out first thing int he morning, last thing at night, and every few hours during the day including right after meals. His family should not expect him to 'signal' that he needs to go out and instead should take the initiative to take him out frequently to give him plenty of opportunities to be successful. Even though he has been reliable in his foster home, please know that accidents should be expected while he transitions to a new home, environment, and routine.

Brady’s foster mom describes him as a calm, sweet, mellow, and an “old soul.” Brady shares his foster home with two other older adult spaniels who he gets along with very well. While they certainly enjoy each others companionship, they do little "interacting" outside of some couch cuddling. Because Brady is such a mellow guy, he definitely appreciates other dogs that are his speed. He loves to spend his day being leisurely in the backyard, looking out the window, sunbathing, and napping on the couch. That said, he has been known to get a case of the zoomies after a bath, or to pick up an occasional toy or chew. He does also enjoy getting out of the house and is excited for new sights and sounds on a leashed walk or car ride.

While Brady spends most of the day with his foster family enjoying inside the house and yard, during short periods of time when no humans are home, Brady and his furry siblings have full run of his puppy-proofed foster home. Because he has been reliable with his pottying and well behaved Brady has not needed strict confinement, and we certainly wouldn't recommend it. At night, Brady will choose to sleep on the big bed or in a nice, comfy dog bed right next to the big bed. As long as he is near his humans, he will sleep soundly. Brady's biggest need is human companionship and so we are seeking a family where someone can be with him much of the day and where he will have low alone hours. Brady is enjoying a more "retirement" lifestyle in his foster home which he is enjoying. He would do best in a more quiet, calm home with not a lot of noise or too much activity. For this reason we are seeking an adult only home, or a home with older, gentle children.

Despite what may have been a rough past, Brady is so friendly and social with everyone he meets. He knows no stranger and greets everyone with a smile and happy, wagging tail. He loves receiving gentle pets and affection and will give kisses in return. He is happy go lucky, laid back, and seems appreciative of all the love and care he is getting - he is even a perfect boy for his eye drops and his medicated baths and loves being brushed. He appears to be well socialized and well adjusted and is not easily startled or scared, not even with storms or fireworks.

We are seeking a home for Brady who can continue managing his medical needs which includes weekly ear cleaning, daily eye drops, and regular medicated baths. Because he walks well on a leash we are not requiring a safe and secured fenced in yard in his home but it is preferred since he enjoys his time in the backyard sunbathing and exploring. He would be happiest in an adult only home or a more quiet home with older, gentle children but his biggest need is human companionship and being able to spend much of the day with his people going for walks, car rides, and plenty of love and cuddles. He would enjoy sharing his home with another older, mild, mellow Cavalier or other dog of similar size or temperament or he we feel he could be happy as an only dog, but only if there was very little alone hours. While there are no cats in his foster home, we think he would do fine with a cat who is dog-friendly. If you feel you’re the perfect match for this cool, calm, and sweet boy, please complete an adoption application found on our website and then email us at to express your interest. Brady is located in Alpharetta, Georgia (travel there is required), and his requested adoption donation is $450.