Spring Hill, Tennessee                           





  • Male
  • Age:  5 (DOB 5/21/2017)
  • #15
  • Healthy
  • Adoption Donation: $550


Our newest, 5 year old Bruno (DOB 5/21/2017), has now undergone his full intake vetting. In typical “breeder release” fashion, his medical issues stem from neglect and poor environment. We are treating him for corneal abrasions, ear infections, and a urinary tract infection. And we can assume Bruno’s ears were shaved prior to his arrival due to extreme matting. Thankfully, he’s still in good congenital shape with a clear heart, knees, and hips. He only had 1 descended testicle- a hereditary condition known as cryptorchidism, where he should have never been bred. We were able to locate the other testicle in his abdomen and they were both removed during his neuter surgery and dental where he lost just 1 bad tooth.
All of Bruno’s bloodwork was normal and his heartworm test was negative. We are still awaiting the results of his tick borne illness test. 15 pound Bruno is recovering well from his procedures and will return to the vet on 9/1 for a post op recheck and to be sure we are on the right track for resolving his infections. In the meantime, this darling boy is getting loads of TLC in his foster home in Spring Hill, Tennessee 💜


Yesterday, sweet 5 year old Bruno visited our furiends at Animalia Health & Wellness in Franklin, Tennessee for his post op and recheck vetting 🐾
We are happy to share that Bruno has recovered well from his neuter and dental and his ear infections, corneal abrasions, and urinary tract infection are also all cleared up! He was also able to receive his last vaccination and he is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. His eyes, knees, hips, and heart are all clear and congenitally sound. His most recent fecal test did reveal whipworms so he is being treated for those, and we are still awaiting the results of his thyroid panel which we should have back next week.
Bruno continues to do very well in his foster home in Spring Hill, Tennessee where his foster family reports that his darling personality is starting to come out, including his playful side! 💜