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  • Age:  12  (DOB 11/20/2006)
  • 16#
  • Hospice Placement


  Saint Simons Island, Georgia


Precious Buddy came into our care last month after he was picked up stray and sat in animal control, unclaimed, in South Carolina. Buddy was in terrible, terrible shape when he came into rescue - emaciated, eye infections, ear infections, dry eye, upper respiratory infection, mitral valve insufficiency, hip dysplasia, dental disease, arthritis, spondylosis, dehydration, ruptured discs, this poor boy was plagued with every issue and was in such pain and discomfort. He was so fragile and had to be cared for and handled like glass. Knowing that we would be able to treat and alleviate him of many of these issues and better manage the chronic ones, we wanted to give him a CHANCE at getting healthier, feeling better, and having quality of life. Honestly, we weren’t sure what the outcome would be, but we knew we had to try.

Buddy responded so well to initial treatment and it became clear that we were doing the right thing. Buddy would be welcomed into our hospice program, being cared for by one of our foster families in Coastal Georgia, and we would continue to provide for him all of his needs. Buddy has been in his furever foster home for a month now and continuing to THRIVE. Here he is on his favorite chair which he gets on and off of on his own! He is moving around so well and is even getting out on short leashed walks! He has gained so much independence and freedom since arriving into rescue and exemplifies what rescue is all about 💜... giving the gift of second chances, supporting them with excellent medical care and therapies, and providing them with a home and family that meets their needs.

Update September 2019: 

We would not believe it without photo and video evidence! 😳 Hospice dog, Buddy, enjoying a swim!!! romp!!! and roll!!! at the beach 🏝 in St. Simons Island.





If you’ve followed this little guy’s story from when he first arrived to us at the end of last year, your mind is likely blown too 💨 From a dog on the verge of euthanasia due to such extreme orthopedic pain and health issues, to a happy almost 13 year old boy walking, running, swimming, playing, THRIVING 💜 So much more than what we could have EVER imagined for him going into hospice care. You’re awesome, Buddy! Thanks to his lovely hospice foster family for giving him all these amazing experiences and to the donors of our Violet’s Hospice Fund for helping with his ongoing medical and care expenses. Our hearts are about to explode 💕

  Happy 14th Birthday (and 2 year Gotcha Day) to Buddy the Elf!

Happy 14th birthday to the miracle dog, Buddy,  and 2 YEAR celebration of his "gotcha day". We are amazed at what great care and love can do. Buddy is a marvel and we are so thankful he has had two years of a great life, and more to come!

His Mom says "Everyday he surprises me with his stamina, determination, and sweetness"

Bravo Buddy!   14 looks so good on you!

February 2021: Buddy enjoying the sea air blowing through his hair!

November 2021: Happy Birthday Buddy!

15 looks great on you!

October 2022: Precious Buddy is one of our super seniors 🌟 in our hospice program. While we don’t know his exact age, it’s estimated that Buddy is about 15 years old. When Buddy came into our care after we sprung him out of a South Carolina shelter in December 2018 our only goal was to give him some days in the comforts of a home, surrounded by family, and receiving gentle loving care. We never expected that he would respond so well to his treatment and management plan where he would still be us, THRIVING, almost 4 years later! In fact, Buddy just went in to see his primary vet for his regular wellness check as well as his cardiologist for an echocardiogram and received wonderful reports (followed by a celebratory pupuccino!) All of his many medical issues continue to be well managed 👏🏼 and Buddy is living his best senior years in St. Simons Island, Georgia 💜