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  • Male
  • Age:  6 (DOB 5/20/2016)
  • #21 (needs to lose a few)
  • Healthy
  • Adoption Donation: $500



⏰  Low alone hours & plenty of opportunity for activity
🌱  Safe and secured fenced yard, preferred
🐢  Canine playmate of similar temperament
πŸ’œ  Gentle children okay

πŸ›‘ If you do not check ALL of the above requirements, your application will not pass the screening process for consideration. We do not compromise on these requirements as we feel they are essential to a successful adoption with Buddy.

Handsome Buddy came into our care as an owner surrender after an elderly family member moved into the home whose safety was at risk due to Buddy being too "underfoot". Therefore Buddy was put out in the yard to be out of the way and the family quickly realized this was no solution and that Buddy deserved better and released him into our care to find just that. We've spent the past month getting to know this precious boy so that we can make a perfect match and he's now ready to find it! Buddy has a big personality and will add so much fun and love to the lucky family who will get to call him theirs.
6 year old Buddy (DOB 5/20/2016) is a very healthy boy! He came to us already up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives but received a thoroughly physical exam and full labwork at his intake vetting. We found him to be congenitally sound with clear eyes, knees, hips, and heart and all of his labwork including his fecal test, heartworm and tick borne illness test, urinalysis, and bloodwork were all normal and negative. He does have a history of seasonal/environmental allergies and so we have him on a daily antihistamine for management. Otherwise, Buddy is not on any medication and does not need any additional vetting except for regular wellness checks.
Buddy is an absolutely stunning tricolor boy weighing in at 21 pounds which we feel is a few pounds over his ideal weight. He is eating and enjoying his twice a day meals and eats in the kitchen alongside his Cavalier foster siblings and has no issues. Because Buddy can be easily distracted, his foster mom puts just a little bit of peanut butter at the bottom of his bowl to keep him engaged and on track. In addition to his twice a day meals, he enjoys some small, low calorie treats throughout the day - his favorite are cheesy treats! Buddy's adopting family must remain committed to continuing his strictly portioned meals, limited healthy treats, and daily activity/exercise to ensure he remains at his ideal weight, best health, and best self!
Buddy has proven to be reliably potty trained having had no accidents while in foster care. That said, he is given plenty of opportunities outside to be successful - he should be taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between including after meals. Buddy will sometimes use the doggie door to take himself out when he needs to go, but prefers to be taken out by his people. While he is being let out into the safe and secured fenced yard for pottying in his foster home, he will also potty while on leash and therefore we are not requiring a fenced yard in his home. Please know that we do not allow our dogs to be off leash outside of a fenced area and so he must be leashed everytime he is taken out if there is no fenced yard in the home. Even though Buddy is reliable in his foster home, accidents are always to be expected, especially initially while he transitions to another environment and routine.
Buddy is personality plus! He is a sweet, friendly, social guy who is full of energy and love! His foster mom describes him as energetic, attentive, and intuitive. He is a smart boy who seems to always be one step ahead of you. He anticipates where you are going and will be there waiting for you when you get there which brings about a lot of smiles and laughs! Wherever you go, Buddy seems to be there, like magic! In true Cavalier fashion he is never far from you - we joke about wearing velcro strips so that Buddy can be attached at all times! He has a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and has to be included and involved in everything you are doing. If you need or want space or privacy, Buddy is definitely not the dog for you! Although Buddy is 6 years old, he has the energy of a puppy and he needs plenty of opportunity for exercise, activity, play, and engagement. His favorite activity is "playing ball" where he will fetch the ball, bring it back to you and drop it, and repeat! He also loves playing with stuffed toys but only with supervision to ensure he doesn't destroy them. Buddy also enjoys burning off his energy with long leashed walks. He is a fabulous walker and walks about 2 miles everyday. His other favorite activity is cuddling and his sweet cuddles have earned him the nickname, Buddy Love!
Buddy's foster mom works from home so he spends much of the day with his foster family in the foster home. He starts his day with a brisk mile walk and then enjoys his breakfast before he accompanies his foster mom while she gets ready for the day, even peeking his head around the shower curtain to check in! He's a good boy in the home office while she works taking several trips out into the yard for pottying and fresh air throughout the day. In the evening, he enjoys playing ball, eats dinner, and takes a sunset stroll around the neighborhood. He winds down with some couch time and cuddles before retiring to the big bed for sleep. Buddy would definitely not do well being asked to sleep apart from his people (we mentioned he was like velcro, right?!) and so we are seeking a family who will welcome his cuddles in the big bed. He uses pet steps to safely get on and off the bed.
While Buddy spends much of the day with his foster family, during short periods of time when there are no humans home, Buddy stays in a gated off area of the home with his Cavalier foster siblings where he has their companionship, plenty of space, and comforts. He only protests for a minute when his human leaves but then seems to take the cue from his furiends that everything is okay and to relax. That said, Buddy is certainly happiest and does best with people and so we are seeking a family where someone is able to be with him much of the day and where he will have low alone time.
Buddy is very well socialized, outgoing, friendly, and personable. He has never met a stranger and greets everyone with a wagging tail and smile. He accepts and welcomes pets and love from all willing to give it! We have not found him to be fearful or timid with much of anything, but have learned that he is not a fan of the vacuum - he will leave the room when it comes out. We feel Buddy would do well in an active adult only home or a home with older, gentle, dog experienced children (school aged and up) who know how to engage with him gently and appropriately. He does get excitable during play where he might "mouth" with your hand or make noises that can sound like a growl so it is important that the children understand his "language" and playful behaviors and that he is being playful and not aggressive.
Buddy gets along very well with his 3 other Cavalier foster siblings - he quickly and easily became part of the 'pack' going on walks together, sharing the couch, and competing in a game of ball. Buddy is a very playful dog who will engage other dogs in play and his ideal home would have another active dog who can match his energy level and who wants to play with him as much as he wants to play with them. He has had social opportunities with dogs of all sizes, is not intimidated by large dogs, and is always appropriate and does well with any other dog he meets . Another dog who enjoys adventures, long walks, and is always up for play would be a perfect match for Buddy! Buddy hasn't been exposed to cats while in our care but we think he may enjoy a game of chase more so than the cat does.
Most importantly Buddy needs a family who has the time and ability to shower him with love and attention, make him an included and important member of their family, and give him plenty of daily opportunities for activity, exercise, and play. Because Buddy attaches himself like velcro to his person, we do anticipate that he may have a bit of a difficult transitional period into his new home and he needs to be given patience, love, reassurance, and time to adjust. In only a matter of time, he will be stuck to his new people like glue. Since Buddy will potty on leash, we are not requiring a safe and secured fenced yard in his furever home, but his ideal home would have some outdoor space for him to enjoy. Buddy travels well in the car and is always up for an adventure or exploring new territory with you. Ideally, his forever home would have another active, playful canine friend for companionship.
Buddy is a healthy, handsome, happy, fun loving pup who will bring so much love, joy, and laughter to his lucky furever family. If you're ready for a new best Buddy who will always be by your side, feel you’re a perfect match, and meet all his requirements, please fill out an adoption application found on our website ( then email us at to express your interest. Buddy is located in Birmingham, Alabama and travel there is required. His requested adoption donation is $500.