Buffy & Patch  


  • Buffy: Female   Patch: male
  • Age: 7 1/2 months  (DOB 3/14/2018)
  • Buffy: 10#  Patch 14#
  • Overall Healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $650 each


  Lebanon, Missouri

 👯‍♀️ Bonded Pair 

🌱 Safe and Secured Fenced Yard
💜 Older, Gentle Children Okay
🎾 Opportunity for Lots of Activity/Play 
⏰ Low Alone Hours

We recently rescued darling 7.5 month old brother and sister littermates Buffy and Patch out of the puppy mill industry via auction. These sweet puppies are very bonded and will be adopted together. In many ways they are typical puppies who love to be cuddled, played with, and have abundance of energy, but it is important to know that these puppies have not been properly socialized and they need a dedicated, experienced family to help them catch up to speed so they can continue to grow to be happy, healthy, social, well adjusted dogs.

Both Buffy and Patch are now up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. They arrived into rescue with ear mites, giardia, and whipworms which we have since treated them for. Patch also underwent his neuter surgery and a light dental scaling. Buffy and Patch both have clear eyes, hips and heart. Patch's knees are tight but Buffy has a slightly "loose" right knee. It is likely her knee will tighten up as she continues to develop and grow strong. Buffy will be adopted out on a "spay agreement" since a spay surgery at her age is not best for her health. Buffy weighs 11 pounds, and Patch weighs 14 pounds. They have beautiful coats and unique coloring with some tints and streaks of brown through their black ears. They look remarkably alike and we often refer to them as "the twins".

Buffy and Patch are doing well with potty training as long they are taken outside frequently and provided with plenty of opportunities to be successful. They should be taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every couple hours in between. When taken outside, it can be very difficult for ALL puppies to focus on getting their business done, so it is important that to not only have patience but also keep close supervision on them to ensure they actually did their business before coming back in. They don't "ask" to go out so it is important that their human takes the initiative to take them out. Unlike most puppy mill Cavaliers, they don't seem to mind going out in the rain or cold, and they also are comfortable being in and pottying in the grass (something that is brand new to puppy mill dogs!) As they are not yet leash trained, we are requiring a safe and secure fenced in yard in their forever home.

Buffy is the more timid, loving and cuddly sibling, while Patch, on the other hand, is the fun-master and the one most likely to get into trouble. Both dogs are extremely loving and are seeking and needing a lot of love, cuddles, and reassurance. As mentioned earlier, they have missed the crucial "puppy socialization period" while they sat confined in a puppy mill so they are not well socialized and instead are somewhat insecurely attached to each other. Every thing, every noise, every movement is brand new to them and what they have been exposed to in foster care during the short time they have been with us is ALL they have been exposed to in the world so far. All noises receive a response: a head tilt, a growl, a bark. Cars, trucks and traffic are very scary. Loud noises will cause them to bolt and hide. It is very important that their family work to continue to introduce and expose them to things in a vey safe and positive way. It is also very important that they learn to form their own identifies and find confidence within themselves and not just in being together.

Like all puppies, they need a lot of stimulation, interaction, engagement, play and activity or they are going to be very bored and get into a lot of trouble. This means that they will do best in a family with someone home much of the day. They would not do well "put up" for the day as this will not help to promote their socialization nor will it give them ample opportunity to release their puppy energy. During the day, when they are home with their foster mom, they are confined to whichever puppy proofed room or 2 that she is in using baby gates so that she can supervise them and then taken outside into the fenced yard frequently throughout the day for pottying and to run around and enjoy their new found freedom. At night, the dogs sleep in a comfy kennel together although we feel they would enjoy being invited into the big bed. It is imperative that Buffy and Patch’s adoptive family understands the need to maintain a very puppy proofed house. Buffy and Patch are exploring everything with their mouths and they must not have access to anything potentially dangerous and must be closely supervised at all times. Adopting puppies requires a lot of patience, a positive attitude, and must be ready to embrace all the ups and downs of puppyhood. Buffy and Patch will need solid and consistent training and a routine and would benefit from puppy training classes. They are both very smart and are very capable under the right leadership and direction. A family with puppy experience is preferred.

These two are a sweet and precious pair together and can frequently be found piled on top of each other relaxing or running after each other outside. Wherever one is, the one is not far behind. Since they have each other for companionship and for play, we are not requiring another dog to be in the home although they would do well with another active, playful Cavalier or other dog of similar size and temperament who would be happy to tolerate silly and very energetic puppies! They are still learning about humans and are cautious but curious about them. They do need to be approached, touched, and handled very gently and intentionally and humans do need to prove that they are safe and to be trusted before they will completely warm up. This is due to having absolutely no positive experience with humans before they were rescued and this will improve as they continue to get more and more positive interactions with humans under their belt. Their adopting family must make efforts to continue to this important socialization. We feel they would do best in an adult only home or a home with older, gentle children who can understand their puppy mill past.

Buffy and Patch are all puppy and all play...until it is time to recharge and then they are all about the snuggle! They will bring so much love, laughter, and life to a family that is ready and prepared to take on the joys and challenges of puppyhood. We are seeking a patient family with endless love, and who can provide for them the guidance and socialization that they need to thrive and be the best dogs they can be. If you feel you are a match for the twins, please complete an Adoption Application found on our website and then email us at CavalierRescueAL@gmail.com to express your interest. Buffy and Patch are being fostered in Lebanon, Missouri, (travel there is required), and their requested adoption donation is $650 each.