• Female
  • Age ~ 12
  • 15#  
  • Healthy TBA 
  • Adoption donation TBA


  Mareitta, Georgia

Welcome in, Carly 💔 We got a call from another rescue who was at an Atlanta area shelter yesterday pulling dogs and came across this poor, sweet girl coming off her stray hold and in obvious need of help, and asked if we could take her. Of course we could. We don’t know anything about a Carly but that it looks like she’s been through hell and back. After a warm bath 🛁 and a good night sleep 💤 she’s off to the vet this morning in Atlanta so we can start to determine and tackle her medical plan 📝We will keep you updated 💜

As promised, a preliminary medical update on Miss Carly to wrap up the eventful weekend we have had here at The Cavalier Rescue!

Full bloodwork, urinalysis, heartworm and tick borne illness test, and fecal test have all been sent out to the lab and we should have those results back Monday morning. Based on her physical exam, she has referrals going out to 4 of our specialists - orthopedic specialist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, and oral/facial specialist. As far as we can remember, we don’t believe we’ve ever had a dog requiring a team of 4 specialists 😞
Our vet believes she may be around 12 years old but our ophthalmologist should be able to weigh in on that better. We are currently treating her for nasty eye infections and for “dry eye”. One of her eyes is producing some tears which is a very good sign as that let’s us know that her tear gland is not “dead” and just needs to be stimulated. Once the infections are controlled, we should be able to get more tears going from that gland. We decided to go ahead and send cultures out from her eyes so we can find out exactly what all bacteria is growing there so that we can be most effective in treating it. We should have those culture results back by the end of the week. Despite the raging infections and dryness, her vision is good 🙌🏼 We are cleaning, medicating, and lubricating her eyes around the clock for her comfort. They are already looking so much better and once the cultures are in and she sees our ophthalmologist, they will be shining bright in no time ✨
A significant heart murmur was detected, likely from mitral valve disease, and so she will need a full cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram so we can learn more about her heart to determine if she needs to start any heart medications and also to gauge her candidacy for any procedures under anesthesia that may be needing to occur. Believe it or not, the shelter went ahead and spayed her while she was there and thank goodness, she seems to be okay although that should not have been done without further work up.
As you can see she has some oral/dental issues and as far as we can tell right now she has considerable, considerable bone loss and a very fragile, possibly fractured, lower mandible. While we would like to extract that bottom tooth that is interfering with her bite, her jaw bone is just too fragile and she just needs to see our oral specialist so we can figure out what has caused this - trauma, infection that has eaten away at the bone, cancer? This is an area that we really can’t safely assess and so off to our oral specialist she will go. She is able to eat very well and doesn’t seem to be in any obvious signs of pain or discomfort with her mouth.
Most shocking though is her front feet and carpal joints and her radiographs left us speechless. It is obvious from her stance and gait that there were abnormalities there, but we weren’t expecting to see this degree of fractures and luxations. We aren’t sure exactly what caused this but at this time believe this to be trauma. We are going to have our orthopedic specialist take a look at her to be sure there isn’t anything that can or needs to be done there. Although she essentially walks down on her “wrists” she really manages to get around very well and again, with no obvious signs of pain or discomfort.
She is a little thing at 15 pounds but also malnourished. She has proven to be a hungry girl and great eater and so those good groceries will do her good! Despite everything she has going on, she is in good spirits and is sweet as sugar. She seems to know she’s in good hands and is appreciative of the help 💜 We will be getting her labwork in and her referrals sent out and then going from there! We will be sure to keep you along for every part of her transformation 👑 Her specialty care will be costly (and worth every penny) so if you are able to help her with a tax deductible donation, we would certainly appreciate it 💕 

UPDATE JULY 23. 2021: We heard that the toothfairy 🧚‍♀️ visited Carly last night! Yesterday, her snaggletooth which was barely hanging on came out 🦷 We are sure she’s more comfortable without that rotten tooth in the way 🙌🏼
Next week Carly will have her cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram ♥️ and the following week she will meet with our orthopedic specialist and ophthalmologist 👁 for consultations. Soon after she will see our oral/dental specialist.