• Female
  • Age: ~11   
  • 15# (she could shed a few)
  • Asymptomatic Murmur, eye specialist evaluation pending
  • Adoption Donation: $tba


  Lebanon, Missouri

 Last week we welcomed in sweet Charlee after she was dumped in a shelter by her family. We were not provided any information about her so we are starting at ground zero in assessing her and beginning to learn more about her and her needs. We started with a visit to our veterinary partners at Cape Small Animal Clinic. Outside of some anemia, Charlee’s labwork came back looking good - we were especially pleased to find out she was heartworm negative since it looked like even basic care has been neglected for quite some time.

While she was already spayed, she was desperately in need of a dental cleaning 😬 which she has since undergone resulting in the extracting of many bad teeth. She has just a mild, asymptomatic heart murmur, common for older Cavaliers, and some aging changes to her joints which her newly started joint supplements will help with. With her teeth already addressed, the biggest issue at this time is her eyes. She arrived with bacterial eye infections which we have treated but appear to have been secondary in nature to a primary issue. Her “bug eyes” had us wondering about glaucoma but several pressure checks have revealed normal intraocular pressure 🙌🏻Instead it is believed that she has corneal edema where the corneas are water logged and swollen. We have stated her on some drops to help reduce that fluid and help with the inflammation however she will be seeing a veterinary ophthalmologist so we can be sure we are doing all we can for her condition. At that time, we will also be able to get a more accurate prediction of her age. Charlee is doing well and getting settled into her foster home in Lebanon, Missouri 💜