Charlie Bear 

  • Male
  • Age:  8 months (DOB 10/6/2019)
  • 22#
  • Health TBA
  • Adoption donation $650


  Saint Simons Island, Georgia

8 month old Charlie in St. Simons Island, Georgia underwent his intake vetting. Charlie arrived to us up to date and already neutered but we gave him a thorough physical exam and ran labwork. He clocked in at a whopping 24 pounds which is his ideal weight at this time.

Charlie’s exam checked out great ✔️ His eyes, ears, hips, knees, and heart are all in good shape. The only abnormal finding was his coat which is sparse and thin. We feel this is likely due to nutritional and/or environmental factors and with the high quality food he is now on along with good supplements, we feel this will improve.

Charlie’s fecal test and heartworm test was negative and his urinalysis and bloodwork was normal. He did test positive for Anaplasma, a tick borne illness. While he doesn’t show any signs of an active infection, we are running additional diagnostics to get quantifiable information to help determine if any treatment is needed. We are awaiting those results 💜