• Male
  • Age: ~7  (DOB 9/12/2012)
  • 14#
  • Heart murmur, luxating patellas
  • Adoption Donations: $400


  Nashville, Tennessee


🐢 Canine companion
🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard
🏑 Adult only, quiet home
πŸ’œ Extra love and patience

Charlie has had a rough start to his life. He was a breeding dog in an Amish puppy mill in Indiana. When he was no longer useful, he was discarded to a shelter. We were able to spring him out of the shelter and that's when things took a turn for the better!

We do not know Charlie's birthdate but our veterinarians believe he is about 7 years old. Charlie is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. Like many of our puppy mill dogs who have spent their life in confinement, he has "loose knees" which will likely tighten up now that he has ample opportunity for exercise and for increased strengthening and stability. A heart murmur was also detected upon intake and Charlie received a full cardiac evaluation by a cardiologist. His echocardiogram revealed that while he does have mitral valve insufficiency (MVD) that there are little to no changes to the heart structure and function. He does not need any heart medications at this time and now that he has a baseline echo, we recommend that he sees a cardiologist annually to monitor any progress. Other than that, Charlie is healthy, is not on any medication, and does not require any additional vetting. Charlie is just a little man at 14 pounds. He has the most darling freckles and his coat, which was urine stained and filthy upon arrival, is now growing in beautifully with a high quality diet and lots of TLC.

Charlie's foster mom describes him as shy, sweet, and gentle. Because he was denied a normal life, the world around him now is all so brand new and unfamiliar. He is understandably quite timid and cautious and lacking in confidence. He has made wonderful strides in foster care but this rehabilitation takes time and he will need a home and family who is dedicated to both meeting his needs where he is now, as well as helping him to continue to progress and grow, on his own time. He is traumatized from his puppy mill past and that trauma is not easy to erase.

Like most of our puppy mill dogs, Charlie takes a great deal of comfort being with other dogs. While he hasn't been properly socialized with humans, he has been overly socialized with other dogs and both enjoys their company and companionship but also really needs the leadership of another dog in the home to help to show and teach him how to just be a dog. We are requiring that he has another mild mannered dog/s in his furever home (he does well with cats too). In true Cavalier fashion, he enjoys snuggling up and just chilling out with the other dogs on the bed or couch.

Being leashed is a very advanced skill for puppy mill dogs - a skill that Charlie is not ready for yet. Therefore, he needs a very safe and secured fenced in yard in his furever home for both pottying purposes as well as for enjoying his new found space and freedom. Charlie has done really well with potty training in his furever home and has been accident free. He is provided a lot of opportunities to go outside and be successful and should be taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between. Charlie is not yet confident enough to willingly go outside on his own - this can be a struggle for many puppy mill dogs. His foster mom scoops him out and will carry him outside. Once placed in the grass he knows to do his pottying business. He is now coming back inside the house on his own - hooray! Going outside on his own will take time and his forever family should be prepared to make these special accommodations for him while he is continuing to grow and learn.

After having nothing, Charlie is just appreciative to have his basic needs met. He is thankful for a comfy bed, companionship, good groceries, and the gentle love of his special humans. During the day, he just wants to be with his humans and his canine furiends where he is content to just hang out all day. When no humans are home, he stays in a comfy crate which he views as his "safe place". At night, he sleeps in the BIG bed - this allows for some quality, non threatening time with his human where he can share a close physical space and some gentle petting. We feel that bed time is important part of puppy mill dog's therapy and looking for a family who would welcome him in.

Charlie needs a very special family who will be patient with him and provide for him an abundance of love, encouragement, and time. New people are very scary for him and it will take some time for him to feel safe and loved in a new environment. He will likely want to spend a lot of his time in his safe spot (crate) and will avoid and flee from any direct attention - even eye contact or even just walking in his direction will scare him. Rehabilitation of a puppy mill dog is can be slow but very , very rewarding. Once the foundation of him feeling safe and loved is laid, then the effort turns to working on trust, bond, and very small amounts of attention and affection. Charlie needs an adult only home and would thrive best in a quiet, peaceful environment with not a lot of activity. Sudden movements, loud noises, a lot of activity, people, or changes can all be very overwhelming for Charlie and would not be conducive to his growth.

Charlie is a darling boy who his foster mom describes as an absolute angel. He is still very much in his shell and proceeds with a lot of cautious and uncertainty. He is most relaxed and at peace when he is with his furry friends and needs another dog(s) in the home who will welcome him in and help show him the ropes. He needs a very safe and secured yard for his protection and safety and most importantly needs a family who has realistic expectations for him and his growth to becoming a more socialized, confident, well adjusted dog. If you feel you can meet Charlie's needs and are ready and committed to continuing the rehabilitation of a puppy mill dog, please complete an Adoption Application found on our website, and then email us at to express your interest. Charlie is being fostered in Nashville, Tennessee (travel there is required),