• Male
  • Age:  3 1/2 (DOB 8/14/2016)
  • 19#
  • Apparent skin allergies, Healthy!
  • Adoption donation $550


  Birmingham, Alabama

Charley, 3 year old (DOB 8/14/2016), underwent his intake vetting. Charlie came to us already up to date and neutered but we gave him a thorough physical exam, ran labwork, and implanted a microchip.

Charlie checked out great ✔️ He is a healthy boy and congenitally sound at this time with clear eyes, knees, hips, and heart. He does have obvious allergy issues which may be environmental and/or food related - we have switched him off the food he has been on and of course he is now in a different environment so we may start to see things improve organically, but we have also started him on a daily anti-histamine and a biological treatment to stop the itch response and give him some much needed relief. All of his labwork including his fecal test, heartworm test, tick borne illness test, urinalysis, and bloodwork was normal and negative.

Charlie is a happy, healthy, active boy who is enjoying all the opportunities for play and activity that he is being offered in his foster home in Birmingham, Alabama 💜 In his former home he spent long hours crated and we can see why that just didn’t work for this busy boy 💨