• Male
  • Age ~ 10 months  
  • 16# 
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption donation $650


  Georgetown, Texas

It’s been a month since this little man was found on the streets of Leander, Texas intact, with no tags, and no microchip. We’ve been actively seeking his owners with no leads and no luck. But in the meantime, he made a visit to our partnering vet @ATX Animal Clinic so we could start to learn more about him and be sure we are meeting all of his needs. We are calling him Chester and our vet believes he is close to about 9-10 months old (which certainly coincides with his youthful spirit and playfulness!) He is in overall good health outside of the prolapsed tear gland in his right eye which needs to be surgically repaired. That gland is responsible for a lot of his tear production so it’s good that we are able to address this while he is young and before he develops secondary dry eye, infection, ulceration, etc. He underwent surgical repair along with his neuter on November 9th. Chester is being fostered in Georgetown, Texas 💜