• Female
  • Age: 4 (DOB 5/15/2014)
  • 12#  
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption Donation :$500


  St. Simons Island, Georgia

- Low alone hours
- Prefers to be only dog
- Older, gentle human children okay

Almost 5 year old Cinder has spent her life in a breeding operation but came into rescue last month when her breeder released her into our care. Weighing just 12 pounds (of floof!) she is tiny, but mighty 💪🏼! Now medically cleared and adjusting well to her new lifestyle, this tiny princess 👑 is seeking her perfect fit forever family.

Sadly, Cinder's medical care had been neglected and she arrived with whipworms, bad ear infections, and some of the worst dental disease and infection we have ever see! Unfortunately, her teeth were so rotted and diseased that she lost all 42 of her teeth during her dental procedure. After such a painful mouth for so many years, although it is sad that this was the outcome, it was wonderful to finally be able to give her relief. She has healed well from her spay surgery and the dental procedure (and doesn’t miss those teeth a bit). She is now whipworm and ear infection free, up to date on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, on on monthly preventatives. We are pleased to say that Cinder is congenitally sound at this time with clear eyes, hips, knees, and heart. She is not on any medications and does not require any vetting outside of regular wellness check at this time.

Cinder is doing well with her potty training but will need her forever family to continue to reinforce her training. She should be taken out frequently - first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between. Because she will not "ask" to go out, her family needs to take the initiative to take her out and to supervise her outside to ensure she goes potty before coming back inside. She is using the 'doggie door' in her foster home and while she enjoys going in and out at her leisure, she doesn't always go potty when she takes herself outside.

Cinder has also been getting the hang of leash walking with her fur siblings. She walks about a mile on leash every day with her foster family and has taken cues from her furry foster siblings on polite leash walking. Cinder is an active, energetic girl and we do recommend that she get appropriate exercise every day. While she is walking with confidence on leash, she hasn't yet associated the leash with pottying. For this reason, we would prefer to find her a home with a safe and secured fenced yard for potty purposes but are willing to consider families who understand the learning curve and are committed to potty training her on leash.

Despite her background, Cinder is social butterfly! She loves her people, is outgoing, friendly, and is always on the move. Once her mouth was feeling better, Cinder quickly discovered toys which she loves 'gumming on' and making squeak! Since she has never had 'things' of her own, she learning about sharing both her toys and her special person with the other dogs in her foster home. Because she is all about ALL the attention she can get, we feel she would be very happy as the spoiled rotten only dog of a family. We do feel with the right guidance she would adapt to a home with another dog, provided the resident dog has a submissive temperament and would allow the tiny princess to run the show! Cindy has proven to be a smart girl who is eager to please her people - she comes when called and her manners are coming along nicely. We feel she would both benefit from and enjoy positive based training classes with her human.

Cinder spends much of her day with her foster mom. Either in her lap, close by playing with her toys, or following on her heels. She has a tendency to get 'underfoot' and since she is so tiny her family will need to be mindful not to trip over her as she tries to be as close as possible at all times. Because of her compact size, it makes is easy for Cinder to accompany you on errands, trips and adventures which she would very much like! Being with her person is the most important thing to her therefore she would be happiest in a home with low 'alone hours' and where she can be with someone much of the day. Like for many breeding dogs, the crate/containment brings about anxiety for her and so for the times when no humans are home, she should be kept in a gated off puppy proofed area of the home and should never be crated. At night, Cinder loves being in the big bed and happily shares it with her human and her foster siblings. She is quite the snuggler and always wants to be closest to her human. We are seeking a family who will welcome her up and invite her in for close cuddles.

Cinder is social, sweet, spunky, sassy and has tons of personality! She will liven up any house and will be a joy as she continues to learn how to navigate this big, new world. She is a healthy, darling girl who will attach and bond quickly to her special people. She is up for activity, fun, and adventures and would be a great side kick and companion. We feel she would thrive best in a home where she is the only dog, would do well with older gentle children, and with a family who could be with her much of the day. If you think you are a perfect match for our tiny princess, please complete an adoption application found on our website and then email us at to express your interest. Cinder is being fostered on St. Simons Island, Georgia (travel there is required), and her requested adoption donation is $500.