• Female
  • Age: 8 (DOB 4/15/2011)
  • 15.3#  
  • Dye eyes, right luxating patella, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donations :$300


  Odenville, Alabama

- Safe and secured fenced yard
- Reasonable distance to veterinary ophthalmologist
- Schedule that meets her eye drop needs (about every 5 hours during the day)
- Canine fur furiends of similar size/temperament

At 8 years old (4/15/2011) sweet Cinny finally got her big break and was retired and released from her breeding job. It was WAY passed due as her care and needs had been neglected for quite some time leaving her suffering with many medical issues. She desperately needed help and we got to work right away to treat her ailments and help restore her to her best self. She is now well on her way as we have her on an effective treatment plan and looking for her perfect furever family to entrust to continue her care and provide for her the most wonderful family and home that she has waited so long for.

Cinny arrived in to rescue in horrific shape, suffering from many medical issues stemming from neglect. We treated her for giardia, whipworms, very bad painful ear infections with a ruptured eardrum, severe dental disease, and dry eye with secondary bacterial infections, pigmentary keratitis, and a corneal ulcer. Her dry eye was so bad and neglected for so long that it left her with limited vision and significant secondary changes. We rushed her to our ophthalmologist to get her stated on a treatment plan and although our hearts were broke, we held on to the words of our ophthalmologist, "there is much room for improvement!" Thankfully Cinny responded so well to treatment - antibiotics cleared the eye infections, a tear stimulant has really boosted her tear production from zero to into the normal range, an eye lubricant is providing her comfort, and a steroid drop is helping to break up all the pigment which in turn is helping to improve her vision! She also underwent a keratectomy eye procedure to remove irregular corneal layers and has healed well. She will need to continue on eye medication for life and will need to remain under the care of a veterinary ophthalmologist. Because her daily drops needs to administered throughout the day (about every 5 hours), she needs a family that can accommodate this schedule. Her 3 eye medications run approximately $50/month.

While in our care Cinny also underwent her spay surgery and a much needed dental cleaning where she lost all but 7 teeth. During her spay surgery they found a growth on her uterus and on her mammary gland, which were both excised and sent off for testing where we leaned they were thankfully benign. Cinny is now recovered from her surgery and dental, is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. She has one luxating patella (loose knee) which does not give her any trouble at this time. In order for it to stay asymptomatic, she should not jump on and off furniture and instead would recommend giving her a lift on and off. Much to our surprise, her heart is clear - impressive for a Cavalier of her age! At 15 pounds, Cinny is a little girl with a big heart and warrior spirit. She has a beautiful Ruby red coat which feels like velvet and some unique 'mismarked' black fur on her ears.

Cinny is doing very well with potty training as long as she is taken out frequently. She depends heavily on the leadership of the 'resident' Cavaliers in her foster home and follows them when they go out and does what they do. She will not "ask" to go out and so it is important that you take the initiative to take her out and give her plenty of opportunities to be successful. She should be taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours during the day. Since it is the first time she has been in a home environment in her 8 years of life, continued training will be needed and accidents are to be expected, especially initially while she settles into a new environment and new routine. While Cinny is not food motivated (yet), she responds best to verbal praise and gentle love and pets. She does need a safe and secured fenced yard in her foster home for potty purposes and to enjoy her new found freedom. She is not comfortable on leash and prefers a familiar and safe outdoor space that she can navigate on her own. Because of her substantial vision impairment, we are not comfortable placing her in a home with access to a pool and would prefer the yard to be safe and easy for her to navigate.

Cinny's foster family describes her as gentle and loving. After living in confinement all of her life, everything is brand new to her, including humans, and so she is still understandably cautious and timid with new people as well as new, loud or sudden noises and movements. Like most of our undersocialized dogs, approaching and handling can be scary and challenging and so it is best to go very slow with Cinny - not overwhelming her with touch, getting on her level, and giving her the time she needs. Since she can not see things until they are right up on her, this can also be scary and startling for Cinny and so taking care to help her recognize things and hands gently as not to be startling are accommodations that she'd appreciate and that will help her feel safe. Once she feels safe and secured in her environment and with people she knows, she warms up and in true Cavalier fashion will curl right up in your lap for ultimate closeness. In fact, her foster family says that her favorite thing to do is simply just being with you <3. She very much craves human touch and attention, even though it can be a little scary for her at times. For all these reasons we feel that Cinny will thrive best in a quiet, relaxed adult only home.

Cinny shares her foster home with a few other Cavaliers who she loves and is strongly bonded with. It is important to remember that everything is brand new to Cinny and that she is still learning how to be a 'dog' and so having 'resident dogs' in the home really helps Cinny in knowing what to do and how to be. She is a great follower and follows their lead and we feel this is especially helpful given her limited vision. While she has had limited exposure to humans prior to being rescued, she has been 'oversocialized' with other dogs and that is where she feels most safe, sound, and comfortable. She loves to enjoy the fenced yard with her Cavalier foster siblings and especially likes to cuddle and snuggle with them. Cinny would thrive best with other Cavaliers, or other dogs of similar size and temperament, in the home and preferably ones who will welcome her to follow on their tail and curl up to nap with.

Cinny often accompanies her mom at work during the day. We prefer that Cinny be with her human at least part of the day and because of her eye medications which are needed about every 5 hours (in the morning, mid day, evening, and then before bed), she needs a family with a daily schedule that can accommodate that. During times when no humans are home, Cinny stays in a comfy cozy crate, for her safety. In the evenings she loves snuggling up with everyone before bed and then resorts to her comfy crate for her slumber. We think she would love sleeping in the big bed but would recommend adding a bed rail, for her safety, given her vision impairment. During a home visit we will also help to ensure the house is set up safely for Cinny given her visual impairment. We would require that any access to stairs be able to be gated off her safety.

Cinny's foster family says she is the sweetest dog who has so much to offer. She is extremely loving and is a special girl who deserves a special family. After suffering through reproductive abuse and neglected medical care for so long, we are seeking a family who will ensure all of her needs are met, shower her with gentle love, and support her as she continues to learn to feel safe in this brand new world around her! Cinny needs a home with a safe and secured fenced in yard, other furry furiends to help her, and a family with a schedule that will meet her eye care needs. If you feel you are the perfect match for this precious girl, please complete an Adoption Application found on our website and then email us at to express your interest. Cinny is being fostered in Odenville, Alabama (travel there is required), and her requested adoption donation is $300.