• Female
  • Age: 8 (DOB 4/15/2011)
  • 15.3#  
  • Dye eyes, right luxating patella, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donations :$300


  Odenville, Alabama

Meet Cinny 💕 Cinny is one (of the five) rubies that we welcomed in this week. Yesterday she had a BIG day of vetting undergoing both her intake vetting at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic and then rushing over to see our wonderful ophthalmologist who squeezed her in.

Cinny is an 8 year old, 15 pound teddy bear who has been living in pain and discomfort, suffering in silence while even the most basic of medical care was denied to her. Now, much neglect has led to significant medical issues....

Cinny has severe dry eye in both eyes which left untreated has caused significant secondary issues including severe pigmentary keratitis which has left her with very little vision. In addition to getting her on the right protocol for her dry eyes, we have started treatment to hopefully break up much of the pigment in hopes of restoring some vision. She also has some granular tissue on the surface of her right eye which we are hoping to resolve with medication, otherwise she will need to undergo a cryotherapy procedure to freeze it off. Cinny has little vision and cannot see things until she is right up on them. She will head straight in the direction of something and then have to make a quick navigational change when she has encountered it. We are thankful she has this vision left and our ophthalmologists words of “there is room for much improvement” was music to our ears 🙏🏻 The fact that someone let it get this bad is heartbreaking.

Cinny also has extremely bad ear infections, some of the worst we have seen, with was is likely ruptured eardrums and inner ear infections. Due to pain and sensitivity along with the ear being nearly swollen shut we were unable to exam them thoroughly. Today she will be under anesthesia where they can get a better look and then we will be starting appropriate treatment.

Cinny also has some of the worst dental disease we have seen and the smell of infection from her mouth just wreaks. The infection has drained into her lymph nodes causing enlargement. How this poor baby has even been able to eat is mind boggling.

Cinny also has a luxating patella - obviously the least of our concerns. In addition to all this we are treating her for whipworms and giardia. Really the only positive thing we can say from her health assessment is that her heart is clear.

Today, poor Cinny is undergoing her spay surgery and much much much needed dental. Getting those bad teeth out is the first step to restoring this sweet girl to her best health. While we wish we could have had the opportunity to help Cinny sooner, we are so glad she is with us now getting the help she desperately needs. We are 100% committed to her and feel very hopeful that we are able to make a huge difference in her health and wellbeing.

UPDATE 4/5/2019: During Cinny’s surgery today, a tumor on her uterus and mammary tumors were found, excised, and sent off for further testing 🙏🏻 We are so lucky and grateful to have a veterinarian as a foster family who so kindly agreed at the last minute to welcome sweet Cinny in as we navigate her full medical picture and plan. Since she may be needing an eye procedure and since we are unsure of her cancer status, she is staying close by to our full medical team. She is on the far left and getting all settled in. What a trooper! 💜

UPDATE 4/8/2019: Both a uterine growth and mammary growths were found and removed during Cinny’s spay surgery last week. Today we received the GREAT news that they were benign 🙌🏻 We couldn’t be more thrilled for this sweet girl who already has enough going on medically and definitely needed and deserved the break, whew! 💜