Birmingham, Alabama                            





  • Male
  • Age: 10 weeks (April 2022) 
  • 4#
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $650




🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard, preferred
🏡 Low alone hours/plenty of opportunity for activity
🐶 Energetic canine playmate of similar temperament
💜 Older, gentle children okay

🛑 Before applying to adopt, please be sure that the entire family is on board and committed, and that great consideration is given to the time, effort, and funds involved in properly and responsibly raising a puppy. Additionally, if you do not check ALL of the above requirements, your application will not pass the screening process for consideration. We do not compromise on these requirements as we feel they are essential to Clinton’s successful adoption.
Precious baby Clinton, born April 19th 2022, came to us when his breeder noticed he was sickly, was unable to provide the care he needed, and released him to us. He arrived infested with fleas and battling a raging case of intestinal parasites, all which took their toll on such a wee, fragile pup. We began aggressive treatment and Clinton is now a healthy, happy pup, ready to find his perfect furever family!
Baby Clinton is now 10 weeks old and weighing in at a whopping 4 pounds. He is now healthy and congenitally sound with clear eyes, heart, and hips. His "loose knees" are typically of a growing, developing puppy who has not had a lot of opportunity for physical activity, and we expect these will continue to tighten up nicely as he grows and gets stronger. After treating him for intestinal parasites, he now has a clear fecal test. He is also now microchipped and on monthly preventatives. Now healthy, Clinton has just received his first distemper/parvo puppy vaccination and will be due for two more of them (on 7/18, and 8/8), should receive his rabies vaccination at 6 months of age (mid October), and will need to be neutered when age appropriate.
Clinton eats three daily meals of his Fromm puppy kibble. He really enjoys his meals and will usually look for more once his bowl is empty. He loves treats too! Healthy treats are a great way to reward his good behavior, and he is a very good boy so he certainly gets several a day.
Clinton is just a baby puppy and his foster family is working on potty training, giving him plenty of opportunities outside to be successful and celebrating all his good outdoor potty behavior with lots of praise and love and a yummy treat. Puppies have very tiny bladders and need to be taken out frequently - first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every couple of hours throughout the day including right after meals and immediately after waking up from naps, to ensure continued potty training success. Please know that potty training is ongoing and that accidents are to be expected.
Clinton is a very happy, sweet, affectionate little boy who loves to be snuggled. Clinton is a typical puppy who loves toys, playing, and being cuddled by his people. He enjoys other dogs as well. As expected, he is full of energy and will play hard before crashing for a well-earned nap. He loves it when his foster family gets on the floor and plays with him and his toys. Clinton is a “toddler” in every way. He will chew anything he can reach as he is constantly in “discovery” mode, so it is very important that the home is very puppy-proofed and that he has close supervision. With puppies, anything within reach is 'theirs', and so Clinton's new family must be diligent to ensure he is only able to reach and access safe and appropriate toys and chews to keep him out of trouble. Baby gates and x-pens are great tools to limit his access to things and areas that he shouldn't explore.
Clinton’s day starts with a trip outside in the yard for pottying then in for breakfast. His foster family works from home most days, so he enjoys his leisurely days spentplaying and napping in the home office with his cavalier foster siblings while his foster family works. On days where he is left for a few hours without humans at home, he stays in a spacious, comfortable x-pen where he can be safely kept away from any trouble she could get into. In his x-pen he has a soft bed, his Jakey Blankey, and safe toys to keep him entertained. After dinner, it's time to go potty and then play with his furiends and toys. Once he is tired, it’s cuddle time before retiring for the night. Clinton is a fantastic snuggle bug and would love to sleep in the big bed with his family.
Clinton gets along very well with his cavalier foster siblings but he can be a bit much for other dogs who are not fond of energetic puppy antics. He would love a furry furiend who is also young, active, and playful and who will engage and play with him, so we are seeking a family with another playful Cavalier, or other dog if similar size and temperment, who will welcome and enjoy his puppy antics without becoming impatient or aggravated. If your resident dog(s) are older, chilled, couch potatoes, then Clinton is likely not a match.
Clinton is very friendly and outgoing with people and will demand your love and attention, while returning it ten-fold! He wants to be near his people and offers an abundance of love, snuggles, and kisses. We feel he would do well in an adult-only home or a home with older, gentle, well-behaved children (no infants or toddlers), who want to love on him and engage with him as long as they are appropriate and gentle with their love and affection.
Most importantly, Clinton needs a family who can shower him with time, love, and attention, and make him an included and important member of their family. He wants nothing more than to be with you and because pups need a lot of stimulation, attention, engagement, socialization, and activity, we are seeking a family who is able to be with him much of the day, where he will have low alone time and where he will have plenty of opportunity for activity, socialization, and for potty training purposes as well.
Clinton also needs an active home with a furry playmate, and a safe outdoor area for pottying purposes and outdoor play. He would certainly love a safe and secured fenced yard to run in and expend some of his puppy energy! In addition to an appropriate and safe outdoor area for pottying and play, we will also be looking for a very "puppy proofed" home as puppies will be puppies and will get into everything they can. Anything within reach of the pup is up for grabs and so ensuring that the yard and inside of the home can and will be well maintained for his safety is imperative. Clinton is not yet leash trained as he’s had the freedom of a safe and secured fenced yard in his foster home. His new family will need to work on leash training and socialization outside the home when fully vaccinated, so he can be included when going out and about. Being so tiny and not fully vaccinated at this time, he does well being toted around in a carrier so he can accompany you and start to see and experience more of the big world around him.
Clinton is a healthy, happy, sweet, precious boy who loves his humans, furry friends, treats, and toys. If you are up for all the adventures of puppyhood, feel you’re a great match for Clinton, and meet ALL of his requirements, please fill out an adoption application found on our website ( and then email us at to express your interest. Clinton is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and travel there is required. His requested adoption donation is $650. Clinton is ready to go home between July 8-10, so please only apply if you are able to travel and adopt at that time.