• Female
  • Age: 2  (DOB 1/6/2017)
  • 20#
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption Donations: $600


  Tebanon, Missouri


Claire came to us absolutely filthy - covered in feces, mud, vomit, and hay. After a much needed bath, Claire retreated to the safety of an open crate for some much needed decompression.

We have no history on Claire, but we estimate she is around 2 years old. She is a beautiful girl and at her ideal weight of 20 pounds. Upon vetting, we discovered Claire is congenital sound at this time with clear eyes, hips, knees, and heart. She has some scarring in her right eye likely from an old ulceration and no treatment is necessary. Claire’s bloodwork and urinalysis were normal and her heartworm test was negative. We are treating her for giardia. We have brought her up to date on vaccinations and have started her on proper preventatives. She will need a dental cleaning along with her slay surgery.

While we are happy for the decent health report, we are heartbroken to see just how emotionally damaged Claire is. When approached, she pancakes to the ground and shakes. Right now she prefers to observe everything going on from the safety and familiarity (sadly) of a crate, but will venture out if no humans are visible. Every single noise, sound, or voice sends her scrambling back to the safety of her crate.

We are actively working to get Claire to Birmingham, Alabama where she will undergo her surgery and be placed with an experienced foster family to help with her rehabilitation and socialization. With time, love, and the right tools, Claire will come to know that her future holds nothing but love and safety from here on out 💜