• Female
  • Age: 4  (DOB 10/12/2014)
  • 23#
  • Right luxating patella, dry eye (left), otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donations: $500


  Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Coco was recently rescued out of the  commerical puppy mill industry. Intake vetting revealed ear infections, dry eye, and a mildy luxating patella (left). Hopefully, treatment with  tear stimulating drops, will cause her eye will begin to produce enough tears on it's own. We often see loose knees tighten up with the freedom of being able to movefreely and build strength. We expect this will be the case with Coco. She is heart clear at this time! She is quite damaged emotionally and prefers to hide in her crate instead of interacting with humans. She does liven up around other dogs, so a well adjusted furry sibling is a must for this precious girl to model after. Stay tuned for more to come about Coco!