• Male
  • Age  2  (DOB 4/19/2019)
  • 32#  (needs to lose several)
  • Health TBA - Ortho eval pending 
  • Adoption donation $TBA


McKinney, Texas

 Birmimgham, Alabama

Welcome in, Cooper! Sadly, Cooper’s owner passed away from COVID last summer and while a family member stepped up to offer him a home, they have found that they are not a match and unable to meet all his needs. More specially, Cooper has significant orthopedic issues that will need surgical repair that they were unable to provide for him. Cooper is only 2 years old and while he should be ripping and roaring and having fun, he can barely get around πŸ’” We absolutely can not wait to give him his mobility back and truly give him a new lease on life.
Sweet, handsome Cooper just arrived here in Birmingham, Alabama, where our wonderful orthopedic surgeon is, and where he will be fostered. We will give you an update on his intake vetting later this week πŸ’œ

UPDATE  September 7, 2021; Super Cooper had a great vet recheck today in Birmingham, Alabama πŸ’œ The terrible ear infections that he arrived in with are now all clear and as a result his WBC is back down to normal. All his labwork looks perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸ» He is also down 4 much needed pounds from 32 to 28 πŸ‘πŸΌ
Next stop - his consultation next week with our orthopedic surgeon so we can learn more about his orthopedic issues and figure out a plan to give this sweet 2 year old his mobility and freedom back πŸ™πŸ»

UPDATE  September 14, 2021; Today, 2 year old Super Cooper meets with our wonderful orthopedic surgeon 🦴 here in Birmingham, Alabama so we can try to make sense of all of this ‡️ His radiographs are a mess showing issues at both the hip and patella. We can also see hardware from a previous surgery that we were told occurred when he was less than a year old but the pin placement has us scratching our heads 🧐 We are eager to learn more today and to devise a plan πŸ“ for how we can best help him πŸ’œ We will post more when we know more! sweet 2 year old his mobility and freedom back πŸ™πŸ»

UPDATE  September 19, 2021; On Tuesday, handsome super Cooper met with our wonderful orthopedic surgeon in Birmingham, Alabama to discuss his severe orthopedic issues and formulate a plan to give 2 year old Cooper more mobility and comfort back.
We were told Cooper underwent right knee stabilization surgery when he was less than a year old which radiographs confirm, however some of the hardware has since migrated. At this time the right knee is still stable and the location of the migrated pins is not a problem. If they continue to move they could pose a problem and would need to be surgically removed.
His left knee has a grade 4 luxation meaning that it is completely out of place and cannot be manipulated back in. He has absolutely no support or stability on this leg. He needs surgical repair and is scheduled for left knee stabilization surgery on October 5th!
Additionally, Cooper does have hip dysplasia but we feel hopeful that repairing his knee and therefore adjusting his gait will help tremendously as will his significant weight loss. We will further assess his hips and non-surgical therapies to help support him once his other knee is repaired.
We are very eager for Cooper’s life changing surgery and getting him on the road to recovery!