• Male
  • Age: 4 (DOB 11/1/2015)
  • 22.5# (21# is ideal weight)
  • Healthy and congenitally sound
  • Adoption Donation: $550


  Mandeville, Louisiana

-Safe and secured fenced yard
-Someone home much of the day
-Older, gentle children okay

Lovable, handsome 4 year old (DOB 11/01/2015) Cooper came into our care last month after he was surrendered by his family through no fault of his own. His foster family has spent the past month loving him and getting to know him and his needs, and he is now ready to find his perfect furever family! Here is everything you need to know about sweet Coop:

Cooper is up to date on his vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. His intake vetting revealed that he is healthy and congenitally sound with clear eyes hips, knees, and heart. We did treat him for ear infections which he has since been cleared of. He does have moderate plaque build up and a dental cleaning is recommended within the next year. All of his labwork, including his fecal test, heartworm test, bloodwork and urinalysis, was normal and negative. We did find that he was having some reflux / stomach acid symptoms in his foster home which is now being managed with a small amount of food right before bed and Pepcid in the morning. Cooper came in at 24 pounds, and is now down to 22.5 pounds. We feel he is a pound or two away from his ideal weight. Cooper is eating a weight management food, which we encourage his family to continue, along with limited healthy treats and daily exercise in order to reach and maintain his ideal weight. In true Cavalier fashion, Cooper is a foodie and loves his meals and his treats!

Cooper appears to be well potty trained, as he hasn't had an accident in foster care. that said, his foster family is very diligent about taking him out and keeping him on a strict routine. To ensure continued potty training success, he should be taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between including right after meals. Lots of praise and a small high value treat following good potty behavior will help with reinforcement. Cooper responds very well to consistency, routine, and praise. He likes for his people to be outside with him for pottying, so his new family should expect to accompany him to the yard. This way you can also supervise and ensure he completes his business before coming back inside. While Cooper has been a very good boy with his pottying behavior, please keep in mind, continued training is always needed in a new environment and accidents are to be expected.

In the morning, Cooper loves to go for a walk either before or after breakfast time. While he walks well on a leash and is always happy for a walk, please know that Cooper is a strong boy, and needs someone who is able to be in control at the other end of the leash. We have found that there are several 'triggers' that will affect him while out for a walk including strollers, wheel chairs, and bikers. He also tends to want to be the "leader" when walked with other dogs and since he does require you to be aware and in control at all times, we feel he is best walked as an only dog. One on one leash training with his family would be recommended and encouraged. His foster family has started to work on his leash training- reeling him in and putting him in the 'sit' position when he becomes reactive by triggers he encounters. He loves walks and we feel they are important for him so we would love to find a family who is willing to put in the effort to continue to help him with this training. He is very capable but has lacked needed training and guidance. Since leash walking is a work in in progress, we do ask that his furever home have a safe and secured fenced in yard for pottying purposes and for him to rip and roar in which is exactly what he does in the yard of his foster home.

In addition to walks, and food of course, Cooper also loves playing with toys and racing through the yard. During the day, Cooper loves to be outside. He’ll happily sniff around the yard with his foster siblings, exploring and searching for squirrels to chase. Then he will come inside to find a comfy spot to nap. Cooper’s foster mom describes him as a true velcro dog—completely lovable, affectionate, and tender-hearted. He just wants love, love, and more love! His favorite place to be is with his humans and he’ll take every opportunity to be as close as possible—even if it means squeezing into a tiny space on the couch or laying directly on top of them! Cooper is eager to please and thrives with a routine. He has been doing well with learning new commands and taking turns with the other dogs—he’ll sit patiently with his foster siblings to get his favorite OraVet chew “stick” before he goes to bed.

While Cooper spends most of the day with his foster family enjoying inside the house and yard, during short periods of time when no humans are home, Cooper stays in a puppy proofed gated off area of the home. Because he has been reliable with his pottying and well behaved Cooper has not needed strict confinement during the day. At night, he sleeps in a comfy crate right next to the big bed. He needs to see his humans, and will not rest until he is sure that they are near. Cooper would certainly love the opportunity to be invited up into the BIG bed with his furever family. The closer he can get to you, the happier he is! After all, he is a Cavalier!

Cooper shares his foster home with two smaller dogs. He loves playtime and exploring outside with them, but has shown some resource guarding with toys so playtime with toys should always be supervised and managed. When he first arrived into his foster home he felt the need to "assert" himself with the other dogs in the home and was a bit dominant. This subsided after he settled in and is now very much a part of the pack. He may be too overpowering for dogs smaller than him and would be more appropriately matched with dogs his size or larger. That said, we also feel like he would do very well as an "only child" as long as he had human companionship much of the day. We’re not sure how Cooper would do with cats, but given his love for squirrels, we’re not sure it would be a good fit for him.

We feel Cooper could do well in an adult only home or a home with older, gentle children. He is a big sensitive guy and appreciates soft voices and gentle hands. He would love to play with children in the home and yard, but he should only be walked on leash by an adult due to his leash behavior described above. Cooper just wants to be with his humans, and would do best with someone home much of the day. He needs a family with the time to be able to devote to showering him with love and attention as well as dedicate to his ongoing training. Because we feel he would benefit from some positive based training classes, we will ask that his furever family provide that for him within 6 months of his adoption.

This velcro dog is ready to latch on to his furever family! If you feel you’re the perfect match for this lovable boy, please complete an adoption application found on our website and then email us at to express your interest. Cooper is located in Mandeville, Louisiana (travel there is required), and his requested adoption donation is $550.