Chesterfield, Missouri





  • Female
  • Age: 8   (DOB 2/4/2013)
  • 12# 
  • Dry eyes, heart murmur
  • Adoption Donation: $TBA


 Little Daffodil, our newest intake in Missouri has undergone her full intake vetting. She is 8 years old (DOB 2/4/2013) and a tiny thing at just 12 pounds. While her heartworm and tick borne illness test, urinalysis, and bloodwork were normal and negative, her fecal test was positive for whipworms so she is undergoing treatment for that. Her good labwork cleared her for her spay and much needed dental where she lost 15 rotten teeth that she isn’t missing a bit. She also had a mammary growth removed while under and sent off for testing - we are happy to share that the growth was benign 🙌🏼
Her tear test did reveal that she has “dry eye” meaning that her tear production is low - her left eye is not producing any tears while her right eye is producing a low/insufficient amount. Because the dryness has been neglected and left untreated for so long, she’s developed secondary infection, inflammation, corneal ulcerations, and a whole lot of corneal pigmentation. The pigment has formed a layer completely covering both of her eyes and greatly impacting her vision. The pigment is what is giving her the appearance of the big, black marble eyeballs, and while her eyes are “buggy”, her intraocular pressures are normal (so no glaucoma). We have started her on a quite a bit of eye medications to heal the corneas, clear infection, reduce inflammation, dissolve the pigment, and stimulate her tear gland to hopefully start producing more tears. Even just a few days into treatment, we are seeing a noticeable improvement with her eyes which is certainly a good sign that she is likely to be a responder to drop therapy!

Daffodil is resting up after her big day of spay, dental, and growth removal procedures. She will return to the vet next week to check on her healing, recheck fecal test, and recheck her eyes. A significant heart murmur was detected on intake so we will be rechecking that as well now that the dental disease has been addressed. If it hasn’t improved, she will see our cardiologist next for a cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram. We will be sure to keep you posted on her progress 💜

In foster care we learn important things about our dogs... like that Daffodil’s tongue is as big as her eyes 👀 Happy Tongue Out Tuesday! 👅