Georgetown, Texas





  • Female
  • Age:  (DOB 10/20/2014)
  • 22# 
  • Mild asymtomatic murmur, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $450


🏑 Someone home much of the day/ low alone hours

🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard, preferred

πŸ’œ Older, gentle children okay









Daisy is a precious 6 year old (DOB 10/20/2014) girl who was surrendered by her family into our care 8 weeks ago. She had received an overall good report at her intake vetting - all of her labwork including her fecal test, heartworm and tick borne illness test, urinalysis, and bloodwork was all normal and negative. Additionally, her eyes, hips, and knees were all clear and congenitally sound. Like most all Cavaliers her age, she does have an audible heart murmur although it is mild at this time. She did come in with ear infections and dental disease but we treated her ears and she underwent a dental in our care where she lost a handful of bad teeth. Daisy is now up to date on vaccinations, spayed, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. She is not on any medications and is now medically cleared and ready to find her perfect forever home!

Daisy is a beautiful tri color girl who arrived with a very short hair cut but her coat is now growing out beautifully. She is at her ideal weight of 22 pounds. In true Cavalier fashion she is a "foodie" and loves her meals and treats. It is very important for her health that her family remain committed to keeping her at her ideal weight by continuing her strictly portioned meals, limited healthy treats, and daily activity and exercise. Daisy eats twice a day and will put on quite the show with singing and dancing while she waits for her bowl to be put down! She is extremely food motivated, almost too food motivated, where she has a hard time listening to you and focusing on anything else but the food. Her foster family has been working with her on taking treats nicely out of the hand but it is hard for her to control her enthusiasm.

Daisy's foster family describe her as sweet, loving, and needy. She is your typical "velcro cavalier" but +++. She appears to be starving for attention and can't seem to get enough. She wants to be close with you at all times and be on the receiving end of your affection and attention - she is not shy about asking for it either as she will use her paw to get your attention! She has learned that her foster mom cannot give her ALL the attention while she works from home and she is now a good girl about finding a comfy spot near foster mom to lounge and relax while she works. After work though, it's all about her and will quickly claim your lap and your time. At night she sleeps in the big bed where she sleeps soundly knowing she is safe and sound with her people.

Because she demands so much attention and needs plenty of opportunity for engagement and interaction, Daisy would be happiest and thrive best in a home where someone can be with her much of the day. She would not do well having frequent and long away hours and much alone time away from her people. During limited times when her foster family is out of the home, Daisy does well staying in the living area of the home and where she can be found lounging on the couch. Daisy requires a lot of reassurance and love and needs a very patient family who will not be annoyed and bothered by her smothering ways, rather welcoming her closeness and helping her to gain more self-confidence and security.

Daisy's potty training is a work in progress and her foster family must understand that continued training is needed. Daisy does not have overnight accidents but will occasionally "forget" to potty outside and have an accident shortly after coming back in. She should be closely monitored outside to ensure she gets her business done before being invited back inside. Providing her with frequent opportunities outside is also key - she should be taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between including right after meals. It is important to take the initiative to take her out versus waiting on her to signal or let you know she needs to go. Lastly, because she is both food motivated and praise/attention motivated, a high value treat and plenty of love given consistently to her following good potty behavior will help her to learn expectations. Please know that accidents are to be expected, especially initially while she transitions into a new environment and routine. Daisy has a safe and secured fenced yard in her forever home which she uses for pottying. She has been on leash some while in our care but could use more practice. We feel she will be most successful in a home with a safe and secured fenced yard but willing to consider homes without one who are committed to working with her on leash and understand she must always be on leash outside of a safe and secured fenced yard.

Daisy shares her foster home with 3 other Cavaliers who she gets along with very well. That said, she is definitely more focused on her human than she is on the relationship she has with the other dogs. She does not play or engage with them but seems to enjoy their companionship. We feel she would be happy in a home as an only dog as long as she could be with her people most of the day, or she would do well in a home with other Cavaliers or mild mannered dogs of similar size and temperament. Again, she can be a bit of an attention hog so it would be important that the other dogs in the home be okay with that and that there wouldn't be an unhealthy competitive environment. She has not been around any cats while in our care so we are unsure how she would do living with a feline friend.

Daisy is well socialized and knows no stranger! She is eager for attention and love from all who are willing to give it to her. We feel she would do well in an adult only home or a home with gentle children who are old enough to know how to engage with her appropriately. She does require a lot of attention from her owners so while she would do well in an active family, she would not do well in a busy family who would lack the time and ability to really devote to her. She very much wants to be your constant companion and excels at this job! In true Cavalier fashion, she is very affectionate, loving, and cuddly and will certainly make you feel very loved and needed.

Daisy is beautiful, healthy sweetheart who has so much love to give and looking for a family ready to receive it. Her family must be prepared to practice patience with her as she continues her potty training and learning good girl manners like sitting and taking a treat nicely. We feel she would benefit from positive based training classes and will ask that her family provide this for her. Since this would mean special, quality time with her human, we feel she will probably enjoy these classes too (especially if treats are involved!) If you have room in your home and heart for Daisy and feel you may be a perfect match, please complete an adoption application found on our website ( and then email us at to express your interest. Daisy is being fostered in Georgetown, Texas (travel there is required), and her requested adoption donation is $450. 

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Every Cavalier is different.
We put tremendous thought and effort into determining what each dog's needs are. 
We don't settle for less than their new family meeting ALL of their stated requirements. If you
don't meet all requirements stated above, please do not email us with your interest, as this Cavalier is not the right match for you. Watch for others to become available who are a great match for your family.