Lebanon, Missouri

We recently welcomed sweet 3 year old Darcy into our care after she was retired from breeding. She arrived into our care with really red, irritated, painful eyes and and still full of milk left from just weaning a litter of puppies. She has since undergone her intake vetting there in Missouri where she received a thorough physical exam and we ran off full labwork.

Darcy’s tear test revealed that she is suffering with severe dry eye, a congenital eye disease prevalent in Cavaliers in which there is low to no tear production. Of course Cavaliers with dry eye should not be bred and responsible breeders obtain clearances from an ophthalmologist, and other specialists, before deciding to breed. Darcy’s left eye is producing just a tiny amount of tears while her right eye is not producing any. Because this has been neglected, she now has secondary infection and inflammation and a great deal of irritation. We have started her on an several eye drops, including a tear stimulant, to help treat this and we are lubricating her eyes around the clock to help keep them as comfortable as possible. She will see an ophthalmologist on Thursday to be sure we are on the right track with treatment.

Her bloodwork, fecal test, heartworm test and tick borne illness test were all normal and negative. We are still awaiting the results of her urinalysis. Due to hormonal changes with her recent pregnancy and puppies, she is currently “blowing her coat”, meaning that she is loosing her fur. This is normal and it will grow back more beautiful than ever now that she is receiving wonderful care.

We are also treating Darcy for ear infections and she will need her spay surgery and umbilical hernia repair along with a dental cleaning when her milk production has dried up.

Darcy is a shy girl who has obviously been undersocialized as she “pancakes” to the floor in fear. It also hurts our hearts to see her squinting and keeping her painful eyes closed much of the day. We really look forward to getting her feeling better and getting her comfortable with gentle love and attention 💜





  • Female
  • Age: 3 (DOB 11/4/2016
  • 25# (goal 22#)
  • Dry eyes, otherwise healthy! 
  • Adoption Donation: $550