Darling & Farrah


  • Female
  • Bonded pair
  • Age: 5  (DOB 7/29/2013 and 10/31/2013)
  • Darling 22#  Farrah 21#
  • Adoption Donations: $500 each


  Baton Rouge, Louisiana

- Bonded pair, prefer to be only dogs
- Safe and secured fenced yard
- Someone home much of the day
- Older, gentle children okay

At the end of last year we welcomed in sweet bonded pair, Darling & Farrah, into our care. While the girls are not littermates, they are both 5 years old, only 3 months apart in age, and have spent their entire lives together. Bonded would be an understatement to describe their relationship - you will never find one without the other. They sleep cuddled together, use each other as pillows, groom each other, follow each other, etc. Their forever family needs to understand that they truly operate as one and should be prepared to bring them together to places. They will physically panic if they are separated. Together, the girls have both undergone amazing physical transformations in foster care, including Farrah having her knee surgically repaired, and they are now ready to find their perfect furever home!

The girls came into rescue obese - both weighing nearly 30 pounds, about 10 pounds overweight. As a result they struggled with their mobility and even just a few steps caused respiratory distress. They were also suffering with urinary tract infections due to the weight, and Farah had blown her CCL (cruciate ligament in her knee) causing her discomfort and even further negatively impacting her mobility. We brought the girls up to date on vaccinations, treated their UTIs, and they underwent their spay surgeries with dental cleanings. Soon after, Farrah underwent her knee repair which was successful. With strictly portioned meals, weight management food, limited healthy treats, and daily exercise the girls have shed their excess weight and are slim and trim at 21 pounds. The girls are now healthy, congenitally sound, up to date on vaccinations, spayed, had recent dentals, microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. It is imperative that their furever family be committed to continuing their healthy diet and lifestyle!

The girls are reliably potty trained when given ample opportunities to go out. Patience is needed with them outside as they like to "stop and smell the roses" 🌹 so to speak, and may prefer butterfly chasing 🦋 or sunbathing ☀️ before remembering to actually go potty. Darling, is the more reliable of the two, even going by the back door to signal needing to go out. Farrah, on the hand, has not quite caught on to giving warnings and she does need to be monitored and supervised a bit more. If she is ever wandering without her sister with her head down, chances are she needs to be taken out. As always, we recommend they go out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between. Accidents are to be expected, especially initially until they learn their new people, environment, and routine.

Meal time is certainly the highlight of the girls’ day! They whine, they dance 💃, they run around the kitchen island 💨 and you really can’t prepare their food quick enough in their opinion. They know when you approach the pantry door and open their food container that it’s GO TIME. They eat twice a day, usually around 6:00am and 5:00pm. They’ve done very well with shedding their excess weight with their weight management kibble with chilled no salt added green beans substituted for treats. After pottying outside, they will race you to the refrigerator for a green bean treat reward.

Their foster mom describes them as affectionate, adaptable, and adorable. If you were to ask Darling what her favorite thing is she would say relaxing in her foster dad’s lap while watching TV in the evenings 📺. She loves to watch TV and especially loves American Idol! If you were to ask Farrah what her favorite thing is she would say being pet and having you massage her paw that so graciously taps you if you stop petting her 👑. Both girls love treats and meals, lap time snuggles, and being brushed...in that order. The girls originally came into foster care as being “too needy” for their previous owner, but we have found that they are just quintessential Cavalier love sponges. Like a sponge, they will soak up absolutely as much love and attention as you will provide and true to breed characteristics, they just want to be your best companion. For this reason, we are seeking a home where their alone time away from their humans will be limited. Also true to breed they are very social and friendly and want attention and affection from all who are willing to give it. Knowing no stranger, the girls love belly rubs and will flop themselves on their backs for you to brush or rub their bellies.

The girls are early risers waking up early to go out potty, and then ready to enjoy their breakfast around 6:00am. After breakfast, they head back outside to potty and then they retreat to their living room bed. Their foster mom works from home, and they very much enjoy following her around and then going to hunt lizards 🦎 in the fenced in backyard with their foster siblings. Lizard hunting is tiresome work, so they’ll seek out their bed and crawl in for an afternoon siesta. Evening meal time comes just before their foster dad arrives home from work, and once he’s home it’s a competition over who will get his lap first. During times when no human is home, they share a comfy oversized kennel together. They will happily race inside it (but they insist on getting their green bean for doing so) and curl up together for a nap while you are away. As long as they are together, they are very content. The girls are also used to sleeping in their comfy crate at night as was required of Farrah after her knee surgery. The crate is by the big bed where they feel safe and comforted having their people near.

We are seeking a forever home with a safe and secured fenced yard as the girls absolutely love being able to explore outside at their leisure. They also enjoy afternoon lounging on the patio and sunbathing. We feel they will be happiest having the freedom and leisure of a fenced in backyard as well as daily leashed walks. Darling is fantastic on a leash and she loves to go for walks. Farrah also loves to go for walks, but can be over enthusiastic and has a habit of jumping up to bite and carry her leash. Leashed walks should be continued for exercise.

While the girls share their foster home with other Cavaliers, they are very bonded with each other and do not seek to form relationships with the other dogs and prefer to just be with each other. The girls would love nothing more than to be someone’s only dogs - they believe there’s more than enough of them to go around, too! We have also discovered they are not fond of cats, and are seeking a feline free home. While we feel the girls would enjoy a home with children, Farrah does have a tendency to hoard and guard objects and for that reason we are seeking a clean, puppy proofed home without small children. Farrah's mannerisms with toys are almost maternal. She will carry them around, tuck them into the bed she shares with Darling, and sometimes sleeps on top of them all. She’s not at all threatened if Darling is near her toys/”babies”, but does not like for other dogs to be. It should also be noted that Farrah treats other “objects” as toys she would like to hoard as well. TV remotes, unattended socks, etc., can all end up in her bed and have to be kept out of her reach.

The girls are smart and are eager to please and have caught onto potty training and general house manners really well. They are sensitive and any corrections must be gentle and positive based training and reward reinforcement is highly recommended. These girls LOVE to eat and food rewards have worked the best for training and motivating. An ideal family is one who has ample time to devote to showering these ladies with lots of love and attention, a home without small children, without other dogs who may compete for their affection, a fenced in backyard, and a home that is committed to maintaining their weight loss, providing additional “manners” training and one who will continue to encourage socialization beyond with just themselves. If you feel you are the perfect fit for these sweethearts 💕, please complete an adoption application found on our website and then email us at CavalierRescueAL@gmail.com to express your interest. Darling & Farrah are located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (travel there is required), and their requested adoption donation is $500 each.