Imperial, Missouri

Sweet 8 year old Derek was just retired as a breeding dog and released into our care. Yesterday he underwent his intake vetting in Missouri where he received a thorough physical exam and we ran off full labwork.
His labwork results came in today and while his bloodwork was normal, his urinalysis revealed that he is suffering with a bad urinary tract infection which he has now started treatment for. He is also now being treated for ear infections and eye infections and inflammation. His tear test was normal so we feel the infected and inflammed eyes may be the result of his former environment. We will be rechecking eyes, ears, and urine in 2 weeks. He also has severe dental disease which we will address with a dental when he undergoes his neuter surgery. While his knees and hips are in good shape, he does have an audible heart murmur, like sadly many Cavaliers his age do due to mitral valve disease. Derek is typical in size at 15 pounds.
Derek is starting his ear meds, eye meds, and oral antibiotics and should soon be feeling better than he has felt in a very long time! 💜

UPDATE May 5, 2020 

On Friday sweet 8 year old Derek in Missouri underwent his neuter and much needed dental. He lost 18 painful, rotten teeth that he won’t miss one bit! We also rechecked his urine after treating him for a bad urinary tract infection that he arrived with and thankfully that is all cleared up, as are his ears following treatment for ear infections.

Derek is now resting and recovering comfortably from his procedures in his foster home in Imperial, Missouri 💜



  • Male
  • Age: 8 (DOB 7/23/2011)
  • 15.2#
  • Asympyomtic heart mumur, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $300