Birmingham, Alabama                           





  • Female
  • Age: 2 (DOB 1/6/2021) 
  • 20#
  • Health TBA
  • Adoption Donation $TBA


UPDATE February 24, 2023: Yesterday, we introduced you to poor 2 year old Dottie (DOB 1/6/2021) who we were contacted about and asked to take with a significant eye issue and rushed her to our amazing ophthalmologist in Birmingham, Alabama. After assessing her eye, it was determined that it needed to be removed as it was out of orbit and necrotic/rotting. She underwent surgery yesterday afternoon to do just that and is now in recovery being monitored ❤️‍🩹 These photos are form the same afternoon she landed in our care. The amount of infection and necoritic tissue resulted in severe infection which requires agressive IV antibiotics. This progression ia attributed to the elapsed time between the injury occurring and her being given medical treatment, and certainly made things much more painful and more complicated for precious Dottie. 

While we don’t know exactly what happened and never will, our ophthalmologist did find several puncture type wounds around the eye and her head. Thankfully, her other eye is fine. She will be re-evaluated this morning and hopefully able to be discharged soon after to continue her recovery in her foster home in Birmingham, Alabama 💕 A big thank you to Dr. Korsch-Dismukes and her amazing team at Veterinary Orthopedic and Vision Center for getting Dottie taken care of yesterday as an emergency, as well as her transporters that sprung into action to get her there, her foster mom for agreeing to take her and continue her recovery, and all you wonderful and generous supporters who have donated to help cover her medical expenses 💜

This is the photo we received at 6am the morning of  2/23/23 from a breeder in north Alabama who found her dog’s eye in this condition this morning and contacted us to release her to rescue. We sprung into action contacting our amazing ophthalmologist and volunteer drivers, and quickly had transport set up to get her to Birmingham, Alabama and straight to Dr. Korsch-Dismukes at Veterinary Orthopedic and Vision Center.

She has arrived and is currently being evaluated by our ophthalmologist. While we are anticipating that the eye will need to be removed, we will certainly give you an update when we know more 💔 Welcome, Dottie. You’ve come to the right place.

 Puncture wound on eyeball 

 Three other bite wounds

Post surgery same day of rescue

UPDATE February 26, 2023: We wanted to let you know that sweet Dottie has made herself very comfortable and is resting and recovering well in her foster home in Birmingham, Alabama following her emergency intake into rescue and eye removal surgery on Thursday ❤️‍🩹
From her surgery report: “Dottie received trauma to the left eye that resulted in proptosis, or displacement, of the eye out of the socket. Unfortunately, the proptosis in Dottie’s left eye resulted in severe damage of the optic nerve and she had no functional vision from her left eye. The loss of vision was permanent. Due to the nature of the trauma and the time that elapsed since the injury, Dottie had developed a severe infection in the eye and in her orbit. Her bloodwork indicated that she had significant inflammation and infection, which we hope will all normalize with time and aggressive antibiotic therapy.”
Dottie remains on antibiotics and will return to her ophthalmologist on 3/8 for her post op recheck and suture removal. If all is well at that time, she will soon after undergo her full intake vetting and her spay surgery. We will be sure to keep you posted on her recovery 💜

UPDATE March 5, 2023: Sunday snuggle mode activated ✅ Dottie (tri) is 10 days out from her emergency eye removal surgery and taking her rest and recovery very seriously 🥰 She’s doing fantastic, the incision looks great, and she returns to our ophthalmologist Wednesday afternoon for her 2 week recheck and suture removal ✂️ We will be sure to bring you an update after the visit 💜

UPDATE March 12, 2023: Sweet Dottie in Birmingham, Alabama had her post op recheck following her eye removal surgery. We are happy to report that she has healed up beautifully and was a pawfect patient for the suture removal ✂️ Best of all, her labwork values have now returned to normal 🙌🏼 as you may remember they showed signs of severe infection and inflammation upon intake due to the badly infected and necrotic eye.
With her eye all healed, 2 year old Dottie is now ready to undergo the rest of her vetting which will also include her spay surgery. We will be moving forward with that and will be sure to keep bringing you updates on this sweet girl 💕