Harvest, Alabama                            





  • Male
  • Age:  7 (DOB 7/8/2015)
  • 14.2#
  • Health TBA
  • Adoption Donation: $TBA





One of our volunteers who does rescue work for various other organizations and breeds was at a breeding operation picking up a dog for another rescue when the breeder presented this sweet little man and asked if she could take him too… Welcome, Dudley! Dudley is about to turn 7 years old (DOB 7/8/2015) but his life is just beginning 💜 We will be sure to share more soon as he undergoes all of his intake vetting but in the meantime he is getting settled into his foster home in Harvest, Alabama 💕

UPDATE JUNE 22, 2002 Last week we introduced you to precious 7 year old Dudley who had just been released by his breeder into our care. He has since undergone his full intake vetting and is now well on his way to living his best and healthiest life 💕
While Dudley’s fecal test, heartworm, and tick borne illness tests were negative, his urinalysis did reveal a really bad urinary tract infection and as a result we also saw an elevation in his white blood cell count in his bloodwork, otherwise the rest of his bloodwork was normal. He is currently undergoing treatment for the urinary tract infection and we will be rechecking his urinalysis and white blood cell count soon. We are also treating him for bothersome ear mites which showed up on his ear cytology 🧫
His eyes, knees, and hips are clear and congenitally sound but little 14 pound Dudley has no muscle tone from living in confinement all of his life and having no opportunity for activity and exercise. Of course the cure for that is freedom and fun which he is now enjoying in his foster home in Harvest, Alabama!
A significant audible heart murmur was detected at his vetting and so he met with our wonderful cardiologist for a full cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram which we will share more about in a separate post 🩺 (it was good news!) His visit did clear him for his neuter and dental which he underwent and did very well. He lost the only 3 remaining teeth that he had, but he isn’t missing them one bit. As a result of being toothless, his tongue sometimes peeps out 👅
Dudley will soon undergo his recheck vetting to ensure he’s all healed up from his surgical procedures and to ensure his ear mites and urinary tract infection have been effectively treated and cleared. We will be sure to keep you posted on this little darling’s progress 💜


UPDATE JUNE 27 2022: Because a significant/loud heart murmur was detected at precious 8 year old Dudley’s intake vetting, he met with our cardiologist for a full cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram 🩺 Like so many adult Cavaliers, Dudley’s heart murmur is due to mitral valve disease (MVD) which is a common cavalier congenital issue where the mitral valve is faulty and insufficient and can lead to heart enlargement and poor function. An echocardiogram is the only way to understand the extent of disease and to determine if heart medications are warranted.
We are so happy to share that despite having quite a loud murmur (4-5/6), Dudley had a good echocardiogram ❤️ He of course has MVD, but his parameters are close to normal meaning that his cardiac structure has not changed much at all as a result of the mitral valve insufficiency. This is wonderful news 💜
This is another great example of when the loudness of a murmur is not indicative of the severity of the heart disease and why echocardiograms are necessary. Dudley does not need to start any heart medications at this time but he will need to remain under the care of a cardiologist so that his mitral valve disease can be best monitored and managed.
Dudley, who is being fostered in Harvest, Alabama, is now all recovered from his recent neuter and dental and has finished treatment for his urinary tract infection. We just sent off another urine sample for testing to be sure the infection has completely cleared and are awaiting those results. We will be sure to continue to keep you posted on sweet Dudley’s progress 💕


UPDATE JULY 13 2022: Cute, precious, adorable Dudley in Harvest, Alabama had a wonderful vet recheck yesterday! 💕When he arrived into our care, he had a very long list of needs that we have been chipping away at, and we are so pleased to share that that long list has now been reduced to ONE item 🙌🏼
Little 13 pound, 7 year old Dudley has received medical clearance except for some lingering bacteria and yeast in his ears which we can treat more effectively now that those pesky ear mites are gone. He just started treatment and we will recheck them in a couple weeks to ensure they’re clear. In the meantime, he continues to steal hearts 😍