• Female
  • Age:   (DOB 10/7/2012)
  • 17#
  • Cataract, asymptomatic murmur, otherwise healthy
  • Adoption Donations :$450


  Birmingham, Alabama

Dutchess is a Texas breeder release. She is absolutely terrified of humans. She runs and hides in corners and breaks our hearts.
She is recovering nicely from her spay and dental and is being treated for ear infections and whipworms.

Dutchess saw our ophthalmologist for a full optic exam after a hyper mature cataract in her right eye was detected at intake. We were pleased to learn that the eye is still in good shape - she has good tear production, normal pressure, and ultrasound revealed the structure of her eye is still good. This makes Dutchess a great candidate for cataract removal surgery with a very high percentage of vision restoration! She has now started her presurgical eye drops and will undergo cataract removal surgery on October 30th.

Dutchess, who arrived into rescue skittish and terrified, has settled in and settled down so nicely! She loves to be close to her humans and her foster family is continuing to work on ‘touch therapy’ with her to get her comfortable with the unfamiliar feeling of being gently petted. Her skin is flinching less and less and she seems to enjoy it. She did an awesome job tolerating so many hands on her yesterday at her appointment. Go Dutchess!