Atlanta, Georgia                            





  • Female
  • Age: 6   
  • 10.3#
  • Health: TBA
  • Adoption Donation: $TBA




Welcome in, little Miss Eleanor! Eleanor comes to us as a breeder release from the same breeding operation as Libby. Thankfully, Eleanor appears to be in better shape 🙏🏻 We understand there are more Cavaliers there that need help and we remain on standby 💜 Eleanor has no records or paperwork so we are unsure how old she is but we believe around 6 years old. She is undergoing vetting today and we will be sure to share a medical update soon! Eleanor is being fostered in Atlanta, Georgia 💕

UPDATE JULY 31, 2022: Little Miss Eleanor in Atlanta, Georgia is having herself a #SundayFunday - a little pool 💦 sun ☀️ fun 💕 and relaxation ✌🏻 on the agenda for the afternoon ✅ Much deserved, sweet girl 💜

UPDATE JULY 25, 2022: Last week we introduced you to Eleanor who came to us after she was released by her breeder. Eleanor arrived with no records so we are unsure of her exact age but we believe she is around 6 years old. She is just a tiny little thing at 10 pounds.
All of Eleanor’s labwork looks good including her negative fecal test, negative heartworm and tick borne illness test, normal urinalysis, and normal bloodwork except for a liver value that is elevated. We have started her on a liver support supplement and we will recheck that value in a couple weeks to be sure we are heading in the right direction.
Although Eleanor’s heart is clear and free of a murmur, her chest X-rays looks normal, her CBC doesn’t indicate any sign of illness, and she appears to be feeling great, she has a persistent cough that we are further investigating.
Orthopedically, she is in good shape with clear knees and hips but like Libby, who also came from the same breeding operation, she has completely dry eyes with secondary infection and inflammation. We have started her on several eye drop medications to treat the infection, reduce the inflammation, and hopefully be able to stimulate her tear gland to start to produce more. In the meantime, we are keeping her eyes well lubricated around the clock. And in true breeder release fashion, she also arrived with severe dental disease and bad ear infections which we are treating.
We will soon be rechecking her tears, ears, and liver values, and then Miss Eleanor will need to undergo her spay and much needed dental. We will be sure to keep you posted on this little firecracker’s progress! Eleanor is being fostered in Atlanta, Georgia 💜