• Male
  • Age:  15  (DOB 2/19/2006)
  • 17#
  • Hospice Placement


  Vestiavia Hills, Alabamaa


Today (Feb 19, 2021)we celebrate a very special birthday 🎉 HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY to sweet Elio, a member of our hospice program 🎂

Sadly, Elio didn’t get his big break out of the puppy mill industry until he was nearly 12 years old, so while it is certainly a blessing that he has made it to 15, it’s even more special for him as he deserves this time so much. His whole entire life was wasted away in a filthy puppy mill cage and while we wish we could make up for it all, in reality he will only get the opportunity for a few great years.
Imagine what just 1 single day in puppy mill hell must be like and then we look at Elio and think about the 4,000+ days he endured day in and day out. Behind that sweet grey face, is a true warrior. We are so glad he fought and endured through it so he could be with us today. His furever mom says, “our home and family is better and brighter because of him ✨ He is a beloved and important member of our pack 💕”
While Elio is still a healthy guy, he is definitly starting to slow down and so we are not sure if this will be our last birthday together. At this age, everyday is a gift and celebrated 🎁 and we are just thankful that we’ve come this far 🙏🏻 “I consider it a true honor and privilege to care for him at this stage in his life and to be his “furever mom” 💜 Love you, E.”
As a member of our hospice program, The Cavalier Rescue provides Elio with everything he needs to make the rest of his days his best days - his food, treats, supplements, medication, vet care, etc. through a fund earmarked specifically for our hospice dogs, Violet’s Fund.
To make a donation to Violet’s Fund in support of Elio or one of our other hospice angels, click the “donate” button in this post or visit ➡️ http://thecavalierrescue.org/violet-s-fund.html