• Female
  • Age ~TBA  
  • 15#  (needs to gain a few)
  •  Treating mulitple infections, growth to be                                  removed, otherwise healthy
  • Adoption donation $TBA


  Dana Point, California

Earlier this week we welcomed in sweet Eliza after we sprung her out of a shelter when she was found stray and never reclaimed 💔 We don’t know Eliza’s story and don’t have any history or information on her, but we do know she has medical needs that have been neglected.
Eliza has undergone her full intake vetting where it was determined she has “dry eye” with secondary infection, inflammation, and a corneal ulcer. She also has ear infections and a urinary tract infection. Most concerning, she has a growth from her rectum which has ulcerated. We are hoping this is just a benign polyp.
We have started her on medicated eye drops to heal her corneal ulcer, treat the infection, reduce the inflammation, and a tear stimulant to help boost her tear production. We are lubricating her eyes around the clock to help them comfortable and hydrated. We have also started her on ear medication for her ear infections and oral antibiotics for her urinary tract infection. She will soon be scheduled for her spay surgery, much needed dental to address some broken teeth, and rectal growth removal (and send it out for testing).
Sweet Eliza is getting settled in to her foster home in Dana Point, California where she seems to be responding very well to all her treatment and the abundance of TLC she is receiving 💜 She will be as good as new in no time once all her infections have cleared, growth removed, and her dry eye well managed. She is in good orthopedic and cardiovascular shape with clear knees, hips, and heart. We haven’t made an age determination yet but feel she is a middle aged adult. More to come on this darling girl soon 💕

UPDATE JANUARY 13, 2021: Beautiful Miss Eliza, who we recently sprung out of a shelter, has made herself comfy in her foster home in Dana Point, California 💕 She seems to be responding very well to all her treatment as all her infections are visibly improving. Friday is her big day as she will undergo her spay, dental and removal of the growth on her rectum which we know she is very ready to get rid of! We will be sure to keep you posted 💜