Are my contributions tax deductible? YES! We are a 501 (c) (3) organization and donations are tax deductible. Please consult your tax professional for further information.
How do you get money? We rely on private donations, adoption donations, and fundraisers.
Ways to donate:
• Credit card/PayPal donations via our web site Click the DONATE link ->
- Venmo; @CavalierRescue
• Facebook page:
• IGive:
Cash/check donations via mail: The Cavalier Rescue: 5330 Technology Lane, Birmingham, AL 35217 
I have a multi-level markting (MLM) company. Can I set up a fundraiser and have you promote it?
While we are grateful to be the beneficiary of such programs, we aim to keep our posts mission focused. MLM promotion is not within our mission.   We will recognize donations,  as well donations of products or ”packages” to our Annual July Online Auction, which is our largest fundraiser of the year, and is heavily promoted. 
Are you affiliated with any other rescue groups? No. Our founders served with a national group for many years, but decided to expand our mission to include purchasing dogs to keep them out of harms way, taking a more “proactive” approach to reduce the number of dogs that need rescue by providing puppy mill education/awareness, We also support our fosters in a more thourough way, and dig much deeper with medical diagnostics and specilaity care. We DO partner with other rescue groups to help more dogs and will gladly assist in any way possible.

What happens to dogs immediately after their rescue? We immediately seek veterinary attention for every dog we take in. Dogs with up-to-date medical records are still given physical examinations and treated as needed. Provided records are also verified. Veterinary specialists are consulted if recommended.

What kind of medical care will rescued dogs receive? Our protocol is comprehensive. Every dog receives a thorough physical exam, is tested for intestinal parasites and heartworms/tick borne illnesses, has a unrinalysis,  Blood Chemistry panel and CBC,  Thyroid test, and is brought up-to-date on vaccinations and preventives. Additional medical treatment is often needed. This may include dental cleaning with extractions, and services with a specialist. All dogs are spayed or neutered prior to adoption unless there is a medical reason prohibiting surgery.

I need to find a new home for my Cavalier. What should I do? We know this is a difficult decision and we will help you through the process. We will provide a questionnaire so that we can learn as much as possible about your pup. We ask that you provide anything that could help make the transition easier (bedding, favorite toys, etc). We take ALL foster dogs to our vet to get a current medical assessment regardless of provided records. If medical records are available, we request those to be provided so that we do not repeat unnecessary vaccinations. If you can make a donation to help with the cost, we are most appreciative.

How can I adopt a dog? The first step it to complete the Adoption Application found on the ADOPT tab of our web site. You can submit it online, or download the pdf and mail it to : The Cavalier Rescue: 5330 Technology Lane, Birmingham, AL 35217. Watch our web site and emailto us when you see an available pup that interests you. WE WILL ONLY  REVIEW YOUR APP WHEN YOU EXPRESS AN INTEREST IN AN AVAILABLE DOG via EMAIL. Placements are not made based on a first-come, first-served basis, but based on the home that is BEST suited for the dog.

Do I need a fenced yard to adopt a Cavalier? While it is not required for every dog we place, it is for many of them. Invisible/Electric fences are NOT safe or secure and NOT acceptable for our Cavaliers.

What is the adoption donation?  The Cavalier Rescue requests a minimum donation for each dog adopted. This allows us to partially cover the vetting costs, and it allows us to continue to rescue more dogs. Donations help us make up the difference as vet costs are typically higher than the requested adoption donation. The general adoption amount requested is usually $400-500 for an adult dog. The amounts for senior dogs and/or any special needs dogs will be lower. For young healthy pups, age 2 or less, the minimum amount requested is $650. 

Do you place dogs outside of Alabama? Yes! We always seek the very best fit for each and every dog we help.  As long as the adopting family is willing and able to travel to the foster home, we will consider any location in the USA, and Canada.  We would never compromise the placement of a dog over location convenience.
PRIVACY:  We value your privacy. Information shared with us for the purposes of Volunteering or Adopting will only be used for the purpose intended and not shared otherwise. Donor information is kept private with the exception of what is legally required to report on our annual Form 990.