Birmingham, Alabama



  • Female
  • Age: 8 (DOB 6/30/2012)
  • 15# 
  • Asymtomatic heart murmur, dry eyes treated with twice-daily drops
  • Adoption Donation: $300


🏑 someone home much of the day
🐢 canine companion of similar size and temperament
🌱 safe and secured fenced yard, preferred
πŸ’œ older, gentle children okay

We welcomed in sweet Felicity when she was released by her breeder. Felicity arrived with no records, paperwork or information - all we were told is that she is 8 years old. Being a breeding dog all of her life she had been denied many things including basic medical care and arrived with many medical issues that needed to be addressed. All of those needs have now all been addressed and sweet Felicity is now ready to make her next and last move to her first ever furever family.

Felicity arrived with a painful rotten mouth, a terrible urinary tract infection, horrible giardia, and angry ear and eye infections. Poor girl was so sick and had wonkly labwork due to all the infection and inflammation. We started her on treatment right away which she responded beautifully to! Upon recheck her urine was clear, bloodwork was normal, eyes and ears free from infection. She then underwent her spay and much needed dental where she lost a handful of bad teeth. She does have 'dry eye' meaning she does not produce an adequate amount of tears - left untreated this caused the secondary eye infections and inflammation she arrived with. She is now on a tear stimulant drop that she receives twice a day, along with an over the counter lubricating drop that she gets throughout the day to effectively manage the dry eye and prevent any of those painful secondary issues from coming back. She should be on these drops for life.

Like most Cavaliers her age, she does have an audible heart murmur and made a trip to see our cardiologist for a full cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram. She received the good news that even though her murmur is relatively loud (4/6) she only has mild mitral valve disease (MVD) and her parameters are pretty close to normal therefore not needing to be on any heart medications at this time. She does though have an arrythmia (atrial premature contractions) and she should remain under the care of a veterinary cardiologist. She will be due for another echocardiogram in January 2021. Felicity is now up to date on vaccinations, spayed, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. Outside of the tear stimulant eye drop, she is not on any other prescription medications.

Felicity is typical in size at 15 pounds which is her ideal weight. She is not your typical blenheim marked girl and is mostly white including around one eye. She has the most adorable marshmallow cheeks and is a beautiful and unique looking little girl. It is important for her health that she remain at her ideal weight so her furever family must be committed to continuing her strictly portioned meals, limited healthy treats, and daily activity/ exercise. In true Cavalier fashion, Felicity is a great eater and enjoys her meals (which she eats twice a day) and treat throughout the day for being the good girl that she is πŸ’•

Felicity has been very impressive in the potty training department not yet having a single accident while in foster care, even when she arrived with a terrible urinary tract infection. That said, she is provided frequent opportunities outside to be successful and has not been asked to 'hold it' for long periods of time during the day. She should be taken out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between including right after meals and waking up from naps. It is important to take the initiative to take her out instead of waiting for a signal that she needs to go out and to continue positive reinforcement with good potty behavior. A small piece of treat and gentle love and petting immediately following pottying outside will go a long way in letting her know she's doing the right thing. Even though Felicity has been reliable in foster care, please know that accidents are to be expected especially during the transitional time into a new home where she is learning a new routine and new environment.

Felicity is truly a quintessential Cavalier - she is so very sweet, friendly, affectionate, cuddly, and loving. I cannot emphasis enough how loving she is which is truly remarkable after the life she has had and all she has been through. Her Cavalier spirit shines very bright βœ¨ Her favorite thing is just to be with you. It is important to her that she is very much a part of the family and doing all the things that you are doing. She will follow you from room to room and will make herself comfy wherever you are in the home - she is the best sous chef in the kitchen and the best little helper with laundry. But what she wins the gold for is snuggling! Felicity is the best snuggler we have had - she is not shy about crawling up into her lap or up your chest to nudge herself right into your neck. She will "actively" snuggle by using her head to rub against you - it is the sweetest thing and she just can't get close enough to you. If she could get under your skin, she would!

Because being with and spending time with her people is so important, we are seeking a family where someone can be with her much of the day and can shower her with the love and attention that she is craving and deserves after missing out on it for so long. Felicity would not do well being left alone for long periods of time. She wants to be apart of the family and not "put up" or be alone. During the short periods of time that her humans have been away from the home, Felicity stays in a puppy proofed blocked off area of the house. She does not need to be strictly confined and we wouldn't recommend it after she has spent 8 years of her life with restrictions and limited freedom. At night, she loves to sleep in the big bed for ultimate cuddling. She sleeps great throughout the night and will happily stay in bed with you in the morning when you are able to sleep in! We are seeking a family who will welcome her up into the bed. This girl knows how to get comfy and loves lots of blankets and pillows for ultimate relaxation!

Felicity has proven to not be an outdoorsy gal and typically goes out just to potty and is then ready to head back inside. Because she doesn't spend much time outside, we are not requiring a fenced in yard in her furever home, but per her adoption agreement she must always be on leash when outside of a safe and secured fenced yard. Being on leash is new to Felicity but she is doing well with it so we are open to considering families without a fenced yard who are committed to always having her on leash outside and being patient with her as there may be a bit of a learning curve initially. We have discovered in foster care that Felicity is deaf and so it is even more important for her safety that she is always supervised either in a fenced yard or always leashed if not. Felciity is also a wonderful car rider and rides well in a boosted car seat. She loves to accompany you on errands and going through drive thrus, especially for a Starbucks puppuccino!

Felicity shares her foster home with other Cavaliers whom she gets along with very well. She very much enjoys their companionship and we feel she has been able transition in so nicely because she has other Cavaliers to follow and model after, so we feel this is very important in her furever home as well. Felicity is a mild, laid back girl who will be happiest with other mild, laid back Cavaliers or other dogs of similar size and temperament. When a human is not available she will pick another Cavalier to cuddle up with and certainly will make herself part of the 'pack' and do whatever the others are doing. She has not been around any cats while in our care so we are unsure how she would do living with a feline furiend.

Felicity can be a little timid with new people or in new places or scenarios but will warm up quickly once she figures out she is safe and all good. Like with all of our breeding dogs, they do best being allowed time to approach and check someone out versus being approached and reached for by someone and can startle easily with quick and sudden movements. Once Felicity gets to know you though she is not shy at all! She has no problem crawling right into your lap, nudging you for more pets, or working her way to the front of the pack to get attention - we love seeing that confident girl asking for what she wants and enjoying it! Because she hasn't been well socialized with humans, we feel she would do best with adults and older, gentle children who can understand her puppy mill past and how to engage and handle her appropriately.

Felicity is such a special girl who has been able to come out of a bad situation still so happy, loving, and trusting which is truly inspirational. She deserves the most wonderful family who will readily accept all her snuggles and love and have the time and ability to shower her with so much attention and affection. Her family must be committed to and financially able to manage her heart health and her eye medications. If you feel you are the perfect match for this beauty and ready for some serious cuddles, please complete an Adoption Application found on our website, and then email us at to express your interest. Felicity is located in Birmingham, Alabama (travel there is required), and her requested adoption donation is $300.