Birmingham, Alabama

Felicity is an 8 year old breeder release who we welcomed into our care. Felicity, along with 5 other Cavaliers, were a part of a breeding operation in Henegar, Alabama that thankfully is no longer in business. Another Alabama breeder purchased the 6 Cavaliers there but felt that Felicity and Fallon needed our help and released them into our care. The girls arrived with no records, paperwork, or information - all we were told was that they were 8 years old.

Both girls reeked of infection which we soon discovered was coming from their rotten mouths and ears. Felicity has badly infected ears (see photo) that we are treating with an antibiotic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory. She has severe dental disease and will lose many of the teeth that have not yet already rot out. Her eyes are completely cloudy and her lids and conjunctiva very red and inflammed. We were concerned she was blind and was suffering with glaucoma but her intraocular pressures clocked in nice and low 🙌🏻 and we could see that she was able to navigate well and was in fact not blind. We suspect she has corneal degeneration and edema causing the cloudiness. On top of that, she has severe dry eye as she produced nothing on her tear test so we have started her on medications to help reduce inflammation, help to stimulate tear production, and help to lubricate the eyes. She will see our wonderful ophthalmologist next week.

Felicity is also suffering with terrible giardia (parasite from living in filthy conditions), and a raging urinary tract infection, both which are now being treated. She is not well enough yet to undergo her spay surgery and MUCH needed dental but we hope in the next 7-10 days she will be able to. Felicity is tiny and underweight at 14 pounds and should be about 16-17 pounds. Despite feeling like complete crud from all of her medical ailments, she is the happiest, most loving, trusting, sweetest, snuggliest little Cavalier there ever was 💕 Her pawsitivity is truly inspiring and we can’t wait to see her at her best! Felicity is being fostered in Birmingham, Alabama.




  • Female
  • Age: 8 (DOB 6/30/2012)
  • 14# (needs to gain a few)
  • Ophthalmology Eval July 6
  • Adoption Donation: $TBA


UPDATE 7/138/2020: We’ve got a few medical updates to report on sweet Miss Felicity. You may remember 8 year old Felicity came into our care 12 days ago as a breeder release. She arrived with very red, inflammed, irritated, cloudy eyes. She also clocked in at 0 on her tear test. We started her on a tear stimulant drop, anti inflammatory optical ointment, and round the clock lubricant. We could visibly see that her eyes were improving but yesterday she saw the ophthalmologist and we were shocked at the news that her tear test was now normal! Rather than true congenital, chronic “dry eye” disease, in Felicity’s case inflammation was the culprit that affected her tear production. Now that there is no inflammation, the tears are flowing well! As for the cloudiness, it is all sclerosis and fibrosis (scarring) and while we feel it does slightly impair her vision in regards to long distance sight, there is no treatment for this, does not cause any discomfort, but certainly does not negatively impact her daily life in any way. So this is great news too!

Meanwhile, we also rechecked her wonky bloodwork and were please that all the values had improved and were now within normal range, meaning she was cleared for her much needed dental and spay. She was scheduled to undergo this today however her surgeon was concerned with her pre-surgical cardiac exam. Her murmur, which was fairly quiet and mild upon intake, was now alarmingly loud. And upon checking her chest xray, there was some sort of nodule or mass found in her thorax. Surgery was cancelled and she will need to see our cardiologist as soon as possible. Best case scenario is that her cardiologist clears her for anesthesia and our surgeon can remove the tumor, but we will not know next steps or options until she undergoes her full cardiac evaluation. We will be sure to keep you posted 🙏🏻

UPDATE July 21, 2020: A good news update on Miss Felicity 💕
Last Tuesday 8 year old Felicity was dropped off for her spay and dental but was sent back home after her surgeon picked up on a weird heart rhythm and found a suspicious looking nodule on her chest radiograph. On Thursday she met with our cardiologist for a cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram where we got the good news that while she does have an arrhythmia, she only has mild mitral valve disease and her parameters are close to normal. Her cardiologist cleared her for surgery and suggested that what we are seeing on radiograph may just be her nipple....
Today, Felicity underwent a routine spay surgery and dental and while under anesthesia additional chest radiographs were taken while the nipple was manipulated. Sure enough, that is all the “nodule” is, whew!
We are happy to have her spay and dental behind us and to know that her cardiac health is good! Urine was collected today to be sure that her urinary tract infection has effectively been treated and we are awaiting those results. In the meantime, Miss Felicity is back in her foster home in Birmingham, Alabama resting and recovering after her big day 💜