• Male
  • Age: 5  months (DOB 11/3/2018)
  • 11.8#
  • Cherry Eye being surgivally corrected, otherwise Healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $650


  Birmingham, Alabama


Sweet puppy Flynn came in with the last auction dog group 10 days ago. Flynn arrived with prolapsed third eyelid glands (sometimes known as ‘cherry eye’). This gland is normally anchored inside the eyelid by a fibrous attachment but in some cases the attachment can weaken causing the gland to prolapse. Surgical repositioning and “tacking down” the gland back into place is needed. However, in the puppy mill world, they will just literally snip a prolapse gland off which you should never do unless the gland is permanently damaged. This gland makes up for about 40% of tear production and without this gland, the dog is at higher risk of developing ‘dry eye’, something our Cavaliers are already very prone to. We have seen ‘cherry eyes’ sniped off at auction and we are glad we have the opportunity to provide for him proper treatment.

Because poor baby Flynn arrived with a bad UTI and elevated white blood count, we’ve had to delay repositioning surgery until he was treated and well. Yesterday we rechecked his urine and CBC and he’s been medically cleared for the procedure which he will undergo today! Please send pawsitive 🐾 thoughts his way for a successful procedure and easy recovery. Soon, Flynn will be ready to find his furever home! 💜