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  • Male
  • Age:  3 (DOB 1/27/2019)
  • 19#
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $550




🏑 Someone home at least part of the day
🌱 Safe and secured fenced yard
🐢 Canine companion of similar size & temperament
πŸ’œ Older, gentle children okay
πŸ›‘ If you do not check ALL of the above requirements, your application will not pass the screening process for consideration. We do not compromise on these requirements as we feel they are essential to a successful adoption with Ford.
Life has changed drastically for sweet 3 year old Ford (DOB 1/27/2019) since coming into our care back in June after he was released by his breeder, escaping the filthy, hot, miserable outdoor kennel that he lived in. Everything is brand new to Ford including living inside a house, being a part of a family, and experiencing so many new people and things. He needs a patient family who will begin to slowly introduce him to this big, new world around him and lead him with gentle love. This healthy boy has a bright future ahead full of freedom, family, and love!
Adorable Ford is now a healthy boy after we treated him for ear infections and parasites that he arrived with. He also underwent his neuter and dental cleaning in our care where he had routine procedures and recovery. He is now up to date on vaccinations, neutered, had a recent dental, is microchipped, and on monthly preventatives. His eyes, knees, hips, and heart are all clear and congenitally sound. Additionally, all of his labwork including his fecal test, heartworm and tick borne illness test, urinalysis, and bloodwork are all normal and negative. He is not on any medications and does not require any additional vetting outside of regular wellness checks at this time, however we did find his tear production to be on the low end and so he is receiving an artificial tear/lubricating gel several times throughout the day to ensure his eyes stays well lubricated and comfortable. Down the road he may need to go on a tear stimulant drop to increase his tear production so we will ask that his family monitor his tear production with simple, easy tear tests at his wellness checks.
Ford is typical in size and at his ideal weight of 19 pounds. He came to us with shaved fur likely due to extreme matting but his coat is now growing out just beautifully including his extra curly ears! Although Ford wasn't a big eater during the transitional phase into rescue, which is very common, now that he is much more settled in and feeling safe and comfortable, he now loves his meals and always licks his bowl clean. He eats his meals twice a day and prefers for you to stay with him while he eats. He also does best eating without distractions, so he is being fed apart from other dogs in his foster home so he can enjoy his meals. He has treats all figured out and will even sit like a good boy to receive one - what a smart boy! Ford's adopting family must remain committed to continuing his strictly portioned meals, limited healthy treats, and daily activity/exercise to ensure he remains at his ideal weight, best health, and best self!
Ford has done very well with his potty training as he learns all about living in a home and pottying expectations. The key to success is giving him plenty of opportunities outside to be successful - he is taken out in the fenced yard first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every few hours in between, including immediately after meals. Sometimes he needs a little encouragement to go outside and you going ahead of him and calling him out to join you will do the trick. Ford is treat-motivated and a super smart boy so a yummy high value treat immediately following good outside potty behavior will help with continued reinforcement. Please know that even though Ford is doing fantastic with potty training in his foster home, accidents are always to be expected, especially initially while he transitions to another environment and routine.
Ford is just now beginning to learn how to be a dog and is still coming out of his shell but he has already shown his foster family what a sweet and cuddly boy he is. In true Cavalier fashion, he likes to stick close by all his special furiends and people, and turns into quite a little snuggle bug when he gets in the big bed. He loves cuddling close to foster mom but when she isn't available, his spaniel foster sister will do! He has also discovered toys in foster care and loves picking out a soft, stuffed toy to bring to you! We have a feeling Ford's playful side is just starting to emerge!
Ford starts his day being let out into the yard for pottying and then in for breakfast. On days where his foster family works outside the house, Ford stays in a gated off area of the home with his furry foster siblings. There he has access to dog beds, blankets, water, friends, and plenty of space to move about. Ford does well left for a few hours with his canine companions. He has not been crated or otherwise strictly confined in our care and he does not need to be. In the evenings, he eats dinner and spends time with his foster family either outside on the porch and yard or inside on the couch watching TV together. Ford sleeps in the big bed snuggled close to his mom where he sleeps soundly knowing he is safe and sound close to his people. We are seeking a family who will continue to invite him up to join them in the big bed.
Ford has had no socialization so everything is new and scary for him. Unlike a well socialized and emotionally healthy dog who may approach new people and things with curiosity and excitement, he approaches everything and everyone with fear and caution. Ford needs a family who will be very patient with him initially and give him the time, space, gentle love and accommodations he needs to start to feel safe and comfortable in his new home and amongst his new family. Once he learns you are good and that he is safe, he will be your best friend and shower you with so much love... but that trust is built over time. He does best just observing from a "safe spot" for a while where he can watch and learn and sliding some yummy treats to him will help win him over too! Quick and sudden movements and loud noises will send him running and hiding and so Ford will thrive best and be happiest in a quiet, calm adult only home or a home with older gentle children who can understand and respect his need for time and space and allow him to warm up to them on his own accord. He would not do well in a loud, busy, chaotic home environment with a lot of noise, activity, or people coming in and out of the house.
Ford's transition to his new home and family will be made much easier for him having the leadership and companionship of another Cavalier, or other dog of similar size and temperament, to show him the ropes. Ford is very appropriate, respectful, and gets along very well with his spaniel foster siblings, particularly his cocker spaniel foster sister who he follows around, cuddles close with, and tries to get her to play with him! As he continues to open up and emerge from his shell, his playful side is coming out more and we feel he would enjoy a furry playmate who will engage and play with him. Most importantly, he needs a confident, well socialized, and well adjusted dog to model after and who will welcome him in with open paws and can teach him how to be a dog! He has not been exposed to any cats while in our care but would anticipate he would do okay with a dog friendly feline furiend.
Most importantly Ford needs a family who has the time and ability to shower him with gentle love and attention and make him an included and important member of their family. He needs a family who can be with him at least part of the day for potty training, socialization, and opportunities for activity and engagement, and he needs a resident furry furiend for leadership and companionship. Ford also needs a well maintained safe and secured fenced yard in his home for pottying purposes and so he can continue to enjoy his new found outdoor freedom- he loves to run in the yard and tries to get his furry foster sister to chase him. Sometimes he will just break out in the zoomies which is a joy to watch! There are no stairs in his foster home so he hasn't learned how to use them. If there are stairs in his new home, he will likely need some assistance up and down as he learns them and gains the confidence to do them. Ford hasn't been on a leash much and getting into and out of his harness and leash can scare him but he does okay when he starts walking. Because strangers and noises can easily scare and startle him, he should practice leash walking where it's quiet and safe. He does well in the car in a comfy and safe boosted car seat where he can see more of this big new world around him.
At 3 years old, Ford's life is really just beginning and he is just starting to learn how to be a dog. In his perfect home and family, he will soon find his confidence and continue to emerge from his shell to find a world full of freedom, fun, and love! If you feel you’re the perfect match for precious Ford and meet all his requirements, please fill out an adoption application found on our website ( then email us at to express your interest. Ford is located in Hoover, Alabama, and travel there is required. His requested adoption donation is $550.