• Male/
  • Age 6 (DOB 5/20/2013)
  • 18#
  • Heart murmur, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption donation $TBA


  Troy, Missouri

On November 21st we rescued precious Gideon off the auction block and out of the puppy mill industry. Earlier this week he underwent his intake vetting. Gideon is 6 years old (DOB 8/21/2014) and slightly underweight at 18 pounds. His coat is badly stained from living in filth and urine, and the fur on his paws has been completed hacked at, we aren’t sure why. We also aren’t sure what happened to his other eye but we can imagine...
Since puppy mill dogs are strictly confined and not given any opportunity for exercise and activity, Gideon is weak and his joint already showing some signs of arthritis. We have started him on a daily joint supplement and just having freedom and the ability to move about will do wonders for him now. His other eye is congenitally sound but we are treating it for some inflammation and irritation, likely due to the disgusting environment he was in.
Thankfully all of his labwork including his heartworm and tick borne illness test, fecal test, urinalysis, and bloodwork was all normal and negative. On Wednesday he underwent his neuter and much needed dental where lost 14 painful, diseased teeth. A significant heart murmur was detected on intake but we will recheck that in a couple week so see if there have been any changes to that now that his dental health, and overall health, has improved. If it is still significant, Gideon will undergo a cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram with a veterinary cardiologist.
For now, he’s resting and recovering in his foster home in the Greater St. Louis, Missouri area and getting acquainted with this brand new world all around him 💜

UPDATE Decemebr 10, 2020: Yesterday sweet 6 year old Gideon who we recently rescued off the auction block and out of the puppy mill industry had a recheck vet appointment. He has healed well from his neuter and big dental (where he lost 14 bad teeth). His eye, knees, and hips still look and feel great, but his heart murmur is still significant so we will get him in for a full cardiac evaluation and echocardiogram with a veterinary cardiologist ❤️ In the meantime, Gideon is learning all about freedom and love in his foster home in Troy, Missouri.