Huntsville, Alabama                            





  • Female
  • Age: 5  (6/5/2017) 
  • 10.9#
  • Dry eyes, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $550




MEET Welcome in Gracie, 5 years old andjust released into our care by their breeder. Miss Gracie has some eye issues and was being retired so we were happy to pick her up and welcome her in 💕
Gracie underwent her intake vetting this afternoon in Birmingham, Alabama before she will head up to her foster home in Huntsville, Alabama at the end of the week. We will be sure to share a medical update soon! 🐾

UPDATE JUNE 18, 2022:  Earlier this week we welcomed in precious petite 5 year old Gracie and she has since undergone her full intake vetting.
While 10.9 pound Gracie’s heart 🩺 , knees, and hips 🦴 are clear and congenitally sound, she does have some significant eye issues that have obviously been going on for quite some time without proper care. She has “dry eye” meaning she is not producing an adequate amount of tears. In fact, she isn’t producing any tears at this time. This total dryness, without proper intervention, has caused lots of secondary issues like infection, inflammation, the build up of excess pigment, and of course a lot of discomfort. We have started her on several eye medications used to treat the infection, reduce the inflammation, dissolve the pigment, provide lubrication, and stimulate her tear gland to work better to produce more tears. We are hopeful she will respond very well to her eye regimen and she will be soon be meeting with our ophthalmologist 👁
Her heartworm and tick borne illness test was negative although her fecal test was positive for hookworms 🪱 which we are treating her for. Her bloodwork was normal and so yesterday she underwent her spay and dental, where she lost a handful of bad teeth, and is now recovering well ❤️‍🩹 Today she will head to her foster home in Huntsville, Alabama to get settled in, and we will be sure to keep you posted on how this sweet little girl is doing 💜

UPDATE JUNE 218, 2022:  Little miss priss Gracie is recovering well from her spay and dental which she underwent on Friday and has made herself right at home in her foster home in Huntsville, Alabama 🏡 Her ophthalmology consultation is scheduled for July 11th. We’ve already gotten her started on quite a few eye medications to address her ‘dry eye’ with secondary infection and pigmentary keratitis so we are hopeful to see a good bit of improvement by that time 💕