Birmingham, Alabama                            





  • Female
  • Age:  9-12 months 
  • 12.9#
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $650




MEET GRETA 💕 Greta came to us from a bad breeding operation closing down. Like Gaston, who we believe may be her littermate, Greta came to us with no records so we are unsure of her exact birthdate. Yesterday, she underwent her full intake vetting and our vet feels she is under a year old, and likely somewhere between 9-12 months of age. Because we didn’t have any vaccination records, we opted to titer test to check her levels of protection first rather than putting her at risk of “over-vaccinating”. We are awaiting those results.
We are happy to report that she received a perfect physical exam ✅ 12 pound Greta is healthy and congenitally sound with clear eyes, knees, hips, and heart. Her ears, skin, teeth are all clean and clear. Her fecal test did reveal whipworms and hookworms 🪱 so she is being treated for those and we will recheck her fecal in a couple weeks. Her bloodwork was normal and we are still awaiting the results of her urinalysis, heartworm test, and tick borne illness test. We will be sure to update when the rest of her results are in.
Greta was cleared for her spay surgery which she underwent today and everything went well. She is now in her foster home in Birmingham, Alabama resting and recovering 💕 Greta, like Gaston, is very much your typical, active, spirited, sweet, playful pup but she hasn’t been handled or socialized with humans much. She is learning how good it feels to be held and loved on and how much fun it is to interact with people. She is going to continue to respond well and thrive with gentle socialization efforts and from the leadership of other well adjusted furry furiends 💜 

Did someone say, TACO TUESDAY 🌮💃🌮💃
📸 Greta in Birmingham, Alabama