Hadley & Cooper  


  • Cooper: Male Hadley: Female
  • Age: Cooper: 11 Hadley: 6
  • Cooper: 18# Hadley: 30# (needs to lose 4-5#)
  • Cooper: Heart Murmur (takes daily enalapril ~$10 month), otherwise healthy! Hadley; Healthy!
    Adoption Donation (for the pair): $600


 Atlanta, Georgia


🏑 Someone home much of the day 
πŸ’œ Older, gentle children okay 
🌱 Fenced yard and limited stairs preferred

Hadley & Cooper are a bonded brother-sister pair who have been together all of their lives. When their owner passed away, family members did not feel they could meet their needs and entrusted us with their care and placement. We feel they are a perfect pair together - Cooper is calm, loving, happy go lucky, and Hadley is fun, spirited, and snuggly. They are going to add a lot of love to their perfect furever home.

Hadley is a 6 year old (11/1/2011) tricolor girl. While she is a larger Cavalier at 30 pounds, she is a few pounds overweight and working on achieving her ideal weight of 26 pounds in foster care with daily exercise and portion controlled weight management food. Hadley is up to date on vaccinations, already spayed, microchipped, and is on monthly preventatives. She is a congenitally healthy gal with clear eyes, hips, knees, and heart! During intake vetting, we discovered that Hadley had a urinary tract infection which we treated and then rechecked - she is now all clear.

Cooper is her 11 year old (12/1/2006) blenheim brother. At 18 pounds he is at his ideal weight and is typical in size. Cooper is up to date on vaccinations, already neutered, microchipped, and is on monthly preventatives. He has clear eyes, hips, and knees and is in good shape for a senior. He does show some signs of arthritis and normal aging in regards to his mobility. We recommend that he continues on a joint supplement to help support him and some accommodations like helping him on and off the couch, bed, stairs, are to be expected (must be able/comfortable carrying him). Like most Cavaliers his age, Cooper does have a heart murmur due to Mitral Valve Disease- he is on Enalapril (about $10/month) which is an ACE inhibitor used to keep blood pressure low and reduce the resistance of blood flowing away from the heart. We would recommend that he sees a cardiologist for a baseline echocardiogram and to monitor any progression of the disease.

These two are very bonded though they have different personalities. Hadley likes to play ball while Cooper will occupy your lap. Hadley is more spirited while Cooper is more chill! But they very much take comfort in each other's companionship and presence and like to be within each other's sight at all times. Both dogs are enjoying their twice-daily walks. Hadley gets very excited to be out on a walk. Cooper sometimes asks his foster dad for a lift on the walk back home but he is very game to go and hates being left behind - a stroller would be a wonderful option for Cooper as well. Hadley and Cooper both love their food, their walks, and lounging on cool tile flooring.

Hadley and Cooper thrive off of a routine and their foster family will work with the selected forever family to help to make sure their routine can be mimicked as closely as possible, at least initially while they are adjusting to a new environment, new people, and new schedule. They know when to expect their meals, their walks, and their potty breaks. They are both reliably house trained and have not had any accidents in their foster home - that said, they are given frequent opportunities to potty and do know their schedule. Hadley and Cooper like spending their days with their foster mom when she works from home. When they are left alone, they are not crated and do well in a safe, puppy proofed area of the home, which is what they prefer. At night, they like to snuggle in the big bed before sleep time but they prefer to sleep on the floor where they are able to stay cooler.

Hadley and Cooper are well socialized dogs and in true Cavalier fashion are friendly with and enjoy meeting everyone and everything! They would do well in an adult only home or a home with older, gentle children. They get along well with their 2 other Cavalier foster siblings in the home and would be happy in a home with another Cavalier or other mild mannered dog or just the two of them. We do prefer a home with a safe and secured fence in yard and a home with limited stairs and/or carpeted stairs and rugs would be ideal for Cooper.

Hadley and Cooper are two lovebugs who love to snuggle up and soak up all the love and attention you can give them. Like during most transitions, they will need a lot of love, patience, and reassurance while they are adjusting to yet another environment, family, and routine but having each other will help aid in the transition. If you feel you are the perfect family for this perfect pair, please complete an adoption application found on our website and then email us at CavalierRescueAL@gmail.com to express your interest.